Storytime With Pip

A Faerie Tea Party


"Last night while drifting off to sleep, I thought and imagined there was this picnic in a meadow surrounded with 🌲🌳trees. It was a 🔮magical place where faeries, pixies, elves and all manor of creatures of nature lived.

Pip Sprite

At this picnic Tatiana, Chanel, Indie, Chloe, Pip and Jasper 👼 were having a wonderful time with loads of 🍡🍩🍮yummy food and things to 🍹🍸🍾drink including water infused with nectar. Tatiana was at the head of the table (she is the ✨🙏🏻👸🏼🙏🏻✨ queen of the faeries), Chanel was 🏞drawing and 📜writing of what was going on like a camera, Indie was making all sorts of concoctions with water, nectar and fruit while Chloe and Pip listened to Tatiana tell of her travels around the 🌍world and the funny and interesting humans she met along the way.

Baby Jasper 👼 is watched by the Faerie Queen

All the while Jasper 👼 was thinking how 💕beautiful the faerie queen was and how he hoped to 💏marry her one day 💌"

✨🙏🏻💝 Tatiana 💝🙏🏻✨
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