In Search of the Great Wild Lion Have camera will travel...with art supplies...;-)...A travel adventure with Jeff landreth

Looking too see where the Great Lion is hiding....
The Lions Mane is mostly on the Plain
Looks like another bad hair day...;-)
Someone should tell him about whitening gel.
Love His smile and his goatee....though maybe I should call it Liontee...but I think he is more of a Oolong kind of guy..;-)
With his scared face...looks like he has been in a few fights...guess his Mother never told him to protect his face...
Will we find Mr Lion today?

I wonder if he uses moose in his hair?....noooo....more like Wildebeests gel...!!

He looks like he is vocalizing.....he does have a good bass roar.

Mother Lion and her cubs...under the shade of the tree.
Created By
Jeff Landreth


All Photos by Jeff Landreth...Art work by God.

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