Stoppage score by Messi. Messi scored at 92 minute and got the win for the Barca. Messi bring his team back to Spanish league.

Messi Reaction After scoring.

After the Stoppage last minute score Messi ripped his shirt and lift it in front of him. After that he stood there for few seconds and then he start staring at his fans as if they knew who was the real charge.

Did you see the stoppage score by Messi?
Stoppage Score by Messi.

It was Barca vs Real Madridand it that at 92 minute Messi scored that was the most awesome score. It was the last minutre stoppage score by Messi. After he scored all the Real Madrid fans were sad and all the Real Madrid player were suprised and then Messi rip his shirt and put in front of him.


How did Messi scored? According to the article “Messi, with the last kick of the game, on the end of a six on three counter attack, smacks the ball into the bottom corner from the edge of the area. Just the 47 goals this season so far. What a finish, what a game."


What was reaction after Messi scored? According to the news "The braca gave him 500 goals for Barcelona, which is 268 more than the next best — Cesar's 232."

Messi and his team mate

After the last minute stoppage score By Messi all the Barca player were surprised and they were celebrating. So this was the story of Messi last minute stoppage score.

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