The Way We Roll Da angoliera em mandinga

Grupo Capoeira Angola of Mid Cascadia Nonprofit for Sports and Social Achievement - Plays Capoeira As Capoeira Angola Palmares based out of Portland, Vancouver, Sherwood, Gresham, Ridge Field, Battle Ground, Maywood Park, Beaverton, Astoria, Hood River, Rockaway Beach, Oceanside, Tillamook, Sisters, Salem, Eugene, Centralia, Pacifica, Grants Pass, Bend, Pendleton, Olympia, Merced among a growing number of villages, towns, cities, and metro areas though-out the Pacific North West with team participants as far reaching as Central California, New York City Metro area, and points inbetween.

The Ages of our participants range from an average of 3 years old to 75+ years of age.

As pictured here: We travel to play each other and other groups/teams/lineages in our collective sport locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

We come from a wide range of diverse abilities and disabilities to hone what we have physically at our personal disposal.

Huy Nguyen nick named "Bart Simpson" by Grande Mestre No spinning to over rotate the trajectory of his Cabeçada 3/4 of a turn after his first single armed leap for a 1/4 rotation through mocaco (Monkey Jump)

Suspeção de Cristo plays Coelhoide at their going away to college bom viagem Roda a few years ago.

Coelhoide ((Rabbit Android) Character from Monicas Gang which is a Brazilian paper comic.) went on to live in Salvador Bahia. And is now headed to Africa to assist communities there as part of the peace corps.

Suspeção de Cristo went on to be a world record holder for power lifting in her weight class. As did her Little sister Cutia (not pictured here)

Grupo Capoeira Angola of Mid Cascadia Nonprofit for Sports and Social Achievement is a gateway for you to focused success in the things they pursue later in life even after they move on from Capoeira Training.

We hold true to the traditions of Capoeira as it is seen in its birthplace of Salvador Bahia Brazil. So, we follow a combination of the concepts of Grande Mestre No, and his student (the acting Mestre we Play for) Mestre Gulliver - Paulo Aires who have been training with Grande Mestre No since he was 6 or 7 years old.

We engage in physical and social dialog with players of other lineages and teams - Often representing several different arts traditions simultaneously represented at the same game.

All are competing for (a sense of capture the flag) with regard to the pace and nuance of the music - and for soloist and dominance of their team as an innovative choir able to rif off stadards, classics, and newly popular capoeira songs as a team.

We work in Schools, and other institutions with at risk youth as a matter of civic duty inherent in the art form as a purposeful meme.

Grande Mestre No (Dr. Norival Moreira de Oliveira) The master of masters - who has graduated over 75 masters. Graduating 1 is an accomplishment for any master, graduating 75+ is literally off the chart.

Respect (Respeirto)




Passing on the Tradition

Learning through play

Playshops for kids in Shanghi, led by adults who grew up learning in from both Brazilian and Native US teachers in our Portland group training in the Pacific North West



Critical decision making

tem guarda, tem dente

Team mates in other cities across the country

Modern Family Traditions

Old School Kids

Play til ya drop

Grupo Capoeira Angola of Mid Cascadia Nonprofit for Sports and Social Achievement:

We need spent cartridges from printers, Oregon Redeemable Recycling, California CRV Recycling.

Our next goal is to bring kids and adults practicing Capoeira in various parts of Brazil, here to the Cascadia Region to play Capoeira here - and get a chance to see what this region is like.

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David Allison
Photos from various people across the last few years.

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