Global Warming and the Polar Bear Disappearing HAbitat

The Polar Bear: A Vanishing Species
The Polar Bear lives in cold weather climates. 60-70% of Polar bears can be found in Canada

Global Warming: When Earth's overall temperature is warmer than usual. This is because of human activity causing excess greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which traps too much heat.

Because of global temperatures being warmer than normal, a polar bear's habitat is shrinking, causing it to have to find other places to live.




Created with images by Karilop311 - "Travel Trend Year Ahead" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "End of Winter: How 2012 Snow Stacks Up" • Hans - "snow lane traces snow" • Co_Sch - "polar bear swim predator" • Christopher.Michel - "Chillaxing"

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