Town of Chase Brooke Volkman


Description: The commitee submitted a quote for $1,650 from Jeff Scheiwe for two coats sealing, labor and materials. The given materials were used to repair the following: two bathrooms, a hallway, and utility rooms on the interior of the pavilion.

My opinion: I agree with their quote, and I feel it is a good thing that the local government is willing to spend money on keeping our town in a presentable state. Though they had to use tax payer money, the money went to good use.

My solution: I would have made the ame decision. To prevent this for happening in the future, and to keep the floor from cracking, I would put up signs reminding people to clean up after themselves and treat the pavilion with care.

Facts: You can rent out the pavilion for a day for only $250. There is a list of rules to rent out the pavilion you must follow, even when using the pavilion, but I still think that they should hang up reminders. The quote was introduced in a meeting on Augst 15th, 2016.

Municipality Map
Stone Barn - renovated

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