Diocletian vs. Constantine A Timeline of Emperors

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December 22, 244 AD Diocletian was born to reign.

Diocletian reigned as Emperor from 284 AD-305 AD. Not long after the beginning of his reign he split the Roman Empire into two parts - the Western and Eastern Roman Empire.

In the year 289 AD Diocletian defeats the Sarmations followed by the defeat of the Saracens in 292 AD.

In 301 AD Diocletian limits the Roman currency and sets values to the coins.

In 303 AD Diocletian ordered all churches to be destroyed

Emperor Diocletian dies in the year 311 AD at the age of of 67.

Emperor Constantine was the ruler of. The Roman Empirefrom306 AD-337 AD. He became ruler at just 32 years of age.
In 312 AD Constantine was named "Caesar" of the West.
In 312 AD Constantine defeated Maxentius at Milivian Bridge, disbanded the Praetorian Guard, and reduces the cohorts Urbana ofRome.

In 312 AD Constantine converts to Christianity.

In 313 AD, even though he is a convert, Constantine barely tolerates Christianity.

In 313 AD Constantine enacts the Edict of Milan providing for religious tolerance in the Roman Empire.

The Arch of Constantine was built in 315 AD.
Licinius was defeated by Constantine in 324 AD.

Constantinople is founded on the site of old Byzantium as the "New Rome".

Constantine died at the age of 63 in 337 AD.


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