Save The Endangered CAndace Collier, 5th period, 4/19/2017

Title: Cornering ENDANGER species

Author: Juile Cohen

Date PUBLISHED: March 28, 2017

Summery- Animals all over the world are slowly becoming endangered. Zoologists have moved these endangered species to reserves were no hunting is allowed, but yet they are still hunted, reserve or no reserve. Hunters find these animals to be of value and kill them to sell; like how elephants are hunted for their ivory. Scientists are searching for a new way to preventing extinction.


• aggregate- (noun) a whole from by elements.

•incentivize- (verb) to provid reasoning for doing such action.


I find that this article is very informative due to the fact that the human race is watching these animals slip out of existence without making any sort of attempt to change their way and re stabilize the environment. Each and every animal is equally important in controlling the environment and without these animals we could have an unbalanced ecosystem resulting in animal population decrease with should be dealt with promptly. Soon enough animals species will become extinct.

Cites- Julie Cohen. "Cornering Endangered Species." - News and Articles on Science and Technology. N.p., 28 May 2017. Web. 11 Apr. 2017.

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