Communist Form Of Gov. Sam Schuster

  1. Communism was first defined and given a name in 1777 by Victor d'Hupay.
  2. It was developed by Karl Marx Friedrich Engels.
  3. They wanted to end capitalism because they felt it exploited workers.
  4. The goal of Communism is to abolish all personal ownership so that everyone is of equal wealth and class.
  5. The Communist party in China was started in 1921.
  6. Mao Zedong led the party to power in 1947.
  7. At first Mao followed the Russians, but he soon developed Maoism.
  8. This led to the Great Leap Forward.
  9. This was an effort to heavily industrialize China, but was mainly considered a failure as it led to many citizens starving to death.
  10. Next came the cultural revolution.
  11. Mao overthrew many of his enemies and persecuted or killed millions.
  12. After Mao died Deng Xiaoping took over.
  13. He developed a lighter brand of communism called market socialism.
  14. His idea was to create a less strict form of communism with more Chinese ideals and characteristics.
  15. He decided to use policies that had been shown to be effective and followed less the ideologies of the earlier leaders.
  16. He instituted the "Four Modernizations", describing agriculture, industry, science and technology.
  17. Deng is commonly credited as the person who turned China into the economic world power that he is today.
  18. He opened up China to the outside world and industrialized successfully.
  19. In 1989 the death of reformer Hu Yaobang led to student protests for individual freedoms.
  20. This led to the Tiananmen Square massacre, where military force was used against civilians.
  21. The PRC government was internationally condemned, and Deng officially resigned in 1989.
  22. He made a tour of China to keep emphasis on his policies and inspire the entrepreneurship that exists in China today.
  23. The current constitution was created in 1982 and been continually revised since.
  24. The constitution includes many civil rights: free speech, press, worship, the right to trial, and the right to own private property.
  25. However, in practice this constitution has widely not been followed.
  26. There has been very little done to ensure that new laws instituted follow the constitution.
  27. The judicial system does not provide any particular method for review of new laws.
  28. Computer usage in China has exploded. Currently, there are over 210 million internet users and over 400 million mobile phone users.
  29. There is a huge increase of the computer users in China, and ethics of technology has become increasingly prominent over the years. In particular, privacy, censorship, public ownership, and work ethic have become series ethical issues.
  30. Communism doesn't work

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