The Voyage By:Jennifer hahn

I was sleeping in my room on the Titanic when I was suddenly woken up by one of the crew here. He told me to get to the dock quickly. I was confused, of course but I did as he said because he was a crew member, and I did not know a lot about ships and what to do. But I doubt that this has something to do with the ship. I mean, this is the Titianic we're talking about. It can't sink! That's barmy!

I was wrong. The ship is sinking. The Unsinkable ship was sinking. This is blimey. My first instinct was to go look for my Ma. The last I've seen her she was at a do. We were first class passengers but seriously, if she is still there then I will go and drag her out here because she's the last actual family I have left. The crew were getting people into the life boats, and I still can't see my Ma.

"Have you seen my Ma?" I asked to a crew member.

"We're still working on getting everyone out kid but I'm sure she's out here somewhere," he replied

"I don't think she's out here yet!" I was starting to panic, thinking that I'll ever see her again. "I'm going to go look for her" I said.

"You've gone daft kid!" he yelled. "You can't go back it's already flooded!"

"I don't care!" I yell back as I ran back to the last place I've seen my Ma.

I couldn't find her. I looked left, right, and centre and I still can't find her. As I ran back up to the deck, hoping that my Ma was already there, the crew told me to get on a life boat quickly. I still can't see my Ma anywhere so I did as he told me. He told me to give them a bell if I needed anything. I was starting to feel sad knowing that I won't be able to see her again. But that's when I saw her. My Ma. She was still on the Titanic and was waving at me. I had to get off this boat and get back to her but this man wont't let me! So I just jumped off and swam back to my Ma. We embraced each other and didn't let go.

We sat there like that for God knows until we were nearly at the water's surface. I was starting to get a lurgy but that was when we saw another ship sailing towards us. I couldn't believe that we're saved! It was blatant but at least we can get of this ship! The ships crew helped us and they gave us some grub. It wasn't as ace as the Titanic but at least it is better than being on that sinking ship. The crew led us to a room and we rested there, but I was full of beans because of the incident so I took a gander and bummed around. We were really jammy. There were tons of people who didn't make it and we were one of the few who survived until this ship came. My Ma was cheesed off and swore that the people who made the Titanic did a bodge job. The ride on the Titanic was blinding until the incident. There was a lot of chin wagging about the Titanic sinking but that was mostly Chinese whispers but it all stopped when the captain came and told us that we would be arriving America soon. I hoped that our life will turn out alright.

Barmy- it means that something sounds crazy or unbelievable

Blimey- an esclmation

Ma- mom

Do- a party

Daft- stupid

Left, right, and centre- means that you've looked everywhere

Give us a bell- let them know if you needed anything

Blatant- obvious

Ace- awesome

Grub- food

Gander- looking around

Bummed- doing nothing in particular

Jammy- lucky

Lurgy- the flu; being sick

Full of beans- having lots of energy

Cheesed off- a polite way to say that you're annoyed

Bodge- doing a job quickly and usually ends up messed up

Blinding- another word for awesome

Chin wagging- talking

Chinese whispers- how the stories get changed as it gets passed around


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