Theseus and the Minotour By: Brent Shaffer

MInotaur was a horrible monster that lived in the center of a huge maze on the island of Crete. King Minos loved Minotaur, and not Theseus.
On the other hand, Theseus was not a monster he wanted to kill the Minotaur. But, he needed directions to get inside the Minotaur's maze and kill him.
Eventually, Theseus was given directions to get inside the maze that the Minotaur lived in. Theseus eventually found his way to the center of the maze.
Theseus and the MInatour put up a big fight, Theseus used the sword he was given to kill the monster (The Minotaur) without anyone noticing.
Then, Theseus hoped on his ship and sailed away without anyone noticing him!


Created with images by EazyIanish - "Theseus Slaying a Centaur" • mikegoren - "Charging Minotaur" • George M. Groutas - "Ψηφιδωτά της Πάφου" • tajai - "Maze" • History Maps - "Greece - Theseus Kills the Minotaur 2" • Lurens - "sailboat ship sailing"

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