The Road Not Taken AUTHOR: Robert Frost By: Wesley Brockett

Its two roads and that are separated by the woods and the author is sorry he could not travel both.
He was a lone and standing their looking down the road as fair as he could where it went into the undergrowth
He took the other road just as far and it had better land
The land was grassy and the land has been used also he is just passing through it and he has went down both roads alot
The road is equal in the morning and the leaves are not stepped on on.
How he would not do it and keep putting it off and then he knows what will happen when he goes do a certain on
He putting a sign for generations to come.
There was two roads in the woods and he took the one less traveled and it made all difference.
In the beginning there is two life choses this shows every one has two choses. The author only took one of these. He looked down one of he chose that went down this shiows how it had a steady drop in it.
He took the other life just as fair as he looked for the other one. This life had a better life and more beautiful things about it. It had a lot of opportunists and had not been token as much as the other.
Both of these life were nice and were not to blacken on. He then kept the other life for another day and knowing what would happen. He thinks if he takes he he will never come back to chose.
He is putting a sign down for the generation that come there so they can see what they want. Their was two lives hidden and he took the one less traveled that has changed every thing and made a big difference.

The Tone of this was a clear and direct tone. You felt like he was right in front of you talking. He made a big difference and made it flow better and sound better.

There was a shift in tone to in the beginning i sounded like a story but at the third stance . That is the point was were it sound life not a story but his life like he has been through it and knows what ad happen. And he is warning the reader.

The title is a big meaning behind it. It shows that the life that people dont take or dont look at it could make or break their life. It shows that you should all was look for other options in life.

The theme of this poem is to all ways look for a different life,. It could help you in life. It could be the reason you can have a good life.


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