The Flu Goes to the Theater. The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt

The Spatial Experience:

At constants theater I actually forgot that I was in Gainesville. The well manicured exterior and posh decor of the lobby reminded me of being in Berlin, London, or anywhere with a cultural center. I was seated in the very very back right hand seat of the theater because I had the flu. I requested this seat as to not interrupt the performance with my constant coughing and sneezing. Although, I still quite enjoyed my seat because I was able to see the whole theater at one time. Also, listening to the actors project their voices all the way to the back of the theater was very impressive.

Flu selfie at Constants Theater. Gainesville FL, 2017

The Social Experience:

My flu did cause me to attend the show alone and to sit alone so I would say that my social experience was extremely limited. I did manage to take the usher into allowing me to not only have my secluded seat in the back but also that I may have my Thermos of tomato soup and mug of tea. Needless to say, I love them.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience:

The play was an interesting take on the theater going experience in it of itself. Taking place in the what is seemed to be american industrial revolution pre child labor law. The play had many metaphysical timelines in the way that we were watching a play, about a play, while a play was being written. The play being written was about the poverty of the workers in the factory was very interesting and socially timely. In our everyday we witness the bourgeoisie consistently curating how the lower classes feel and interpret their own lives. I think that was the most home hitting point for me. To see the clearly higher classes working and benefiting in every way from the worker, physically and creatively.

The Emotional Experience:

I think this play really gives you the opportunity to see the own good in your life. Here we are living in 2017 at a great state funded university getting a wonderful education and there are currently people living the kinds of lives like in the sweatshop. We must be realistic that we are the bourgeoisie of most of the world and we must use this privilege to gift the good life to as many others as we can. It is our moral duty.



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