Fr. Sean Wilson & Fr. Jarred Kohn Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Sean Wilson & Father Jarred Kohn | Petersburg Parishes, Botkins, OH

Submitted by: Kristina J. Ruppert

Fr. Sean & Fr. Jarred conducted Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on the rooftop of the Rectory at Immaculate Conception Church in Botkins, Ohio for Petersburg Parishes parishioners. Many people were able to attend and participate in this wonderful Exposition of Our Lord. It was such a blessing for we parishioners to be able to attend and adore Our Lord. Some of these evenings were very blustery and cold, especially for the priests on the rooftop. We were out of the elements in our cars but they were exposed as was Our Lord to the blustery and cold conditions.

We parishioners were starved for interaction with Our Lord as a Community and both Frs.' were able to help us in our continued journey of faith.

Both Fr. Sean & Fr. Jarred are not afraid to preach the truth and explain our True Catholic Faith. They both are a bright light shining upon our parishes. May God bring more priests like them (who are the likeness of Our Lord) into our True Catholic Community.

Fr. Jarred has been moved from Parochial Vicar of Petersburg Parishes and is now the Pastor of Holy Angels Church in Sidney Ohio since July 1, 2020. Our new Parochial Vicar is Fr. Jedidiah Tritle, and he also is not afraid to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Our Parishes are so BLESSED!!

In addition, Fr. Sean continues to lead our parishes as Pastor and has processed the Blessed Sacrament around our community of St. Joseph Church in Wapakoneta, Ohio praying Litanies and Rosaries, plus he has organized processions of the Blessed Virgin around the Community of Botkins, Ohio praying Rosaries. He is "Not Afraid" of showing that our Faith is relevant in this world today and we, as parishioners should also "Be Not Afraid" to show and express our Faith is this sorely divided Country. If only we had more priests who were not afraid to show our Faith to others. God needs to be returned to the USA to save her. These priests are attempting to do just that in our small rural area but that is where it starts--the grassroots of America!! Thank you!