Mission & Goals The educational farm at joppa hill

Our mission is to preserve a working farm for the purpose of providing people of all ages with interactive educational experiences that create powerful connections with New Hampshire's agricultural past.

In 2007 the EFJH nonprofit was formed. In 2020, a global pandemic forced the farm to change how the farm was supported. Fundraisers and our summer camp program were canceled and we had to decide how the farm was going to survive. We invite you to scroll through our short term and long term goals for the farm

We have formed a committee of board members and volunteers to allow the farm to maximize the yield from our crops and animals. We currently have a thriving Community Garden Program with 60+ gardeners.
Generous donations and fundraising allowed us to build our farm stand in 2020. Our goal is to have our grand opening in the spring of 2021.
The farm raised the funds to build an ice rink for 2021. This will allow the farm to generate income over the winter, typically a period with little to no income for the farm. This will also bring families together making memories and having fun.

We are in the early stages of expanding our partnership with the Bedford School District to offer programming to students at the farm. We are also creating a program with the UNH Cooperative Extension to educate our community about invasive species, native species, and more.

The farm is a volunteer based organization with only two part time employees. The farm relies on our volunteer base to operate the farm. With over 50 animals to care for and 35 acres, it is a 365/24/7 job. The farm doesn't take a day off and is open to the public from dawn until dusk.

All of these goals and projects are to fund an educational building on the property to house a nature-based preschool, community classes from toddlers to seniors, summer programs, after school programming, and more.

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