VERONA the place that conquered shakespeare's heart

My only love sprung from my only hate

A long time ago, in the 16th century, there was a forbidden love between two members of confronted families. These forbidden love between Romeo Montesco and Juliet Capuleto took place in a beautiful italian city called Verona.

Thus with a kiss I die

About Verona

Verona on saint valentine's day


Verona is located in the North of the Italian peninsula in the province of Verona, one of the seven provinces of the Veneto region, on the Adige river. The population of Verona is 265.083 inhabitants.


The early history of Verona is totally unknown, but there are several theories about its beginnings. In 89 b. C it became a Roman colony, from 1509 to 1517 was ruled by the Emperor Maximilian I. In 1797 Verona was invaded by Napoleon and it became Austrian territory, when Napoleon signed the agreement of Campo Formio and finally in 1866 it bacame part of Italy.


Typical Food

Verona is considered one of the principal wine towns of the Veneto wine region. The food of Verona is simple to match the robust, fruity wines. For example, pasta and secondo are very typical in Verona.

Bigoli (Typical pasta)

Don't forget to try italian ice cream, but when come back you might be disappointed because you will never forget how it tasted.



Horse is a popular food in Verona. The meat is served as bistecca di cavallo (horse steak) sfilacci (shredded and cured), and pastisada (braised). Pastisada dates back to the 5th century AD. It is said that on September 30, 489 a battle was fought between the King of Italy, Odoacer and the King of Ostrogoths, Theodoric.

After the battle was won by Theodoric thousands of fallen horses littered the land. The people were so hungry they fed off the meat. Since it was a large amount of meat it was left to marinade in red wine with spices and vegetables, then slow cooked. The recipe has been passed down from generation to generation.

These violents delights have violent ends


The official and most widely spoken language is Italian. Italian is a Romance language. It is the second-closest to Latin in terms of vocabulary after Sardinian.


Italy is one of the 12 EU countries that joined the EMU, the Economic and Monetary Union, which introduced the single currency, the Euro.

1,1905€ = 1£


The Italian lira was the currency of Italy between 1861 and 2002

1 ITL =0,000516457EUR

For I never saw true beauty till this night

When to go (climate)

The climate is cold and temperate. There are precipitations all year round in Verona. Even the driest month still has a lot of rain. The average annual temperature in Verona is 8 °C. The average precipitation is of 1072 mm

The best seasons to visit verona are summer and spring, because the weather won't be a problem at the time of doing your touristic activities in this beautiful city and this offers more tourist events such us the Opera Festival of the "Arena de Verona" during this period of the year.


Summer is very hot in Verona, and the warmest months are July and August, with temperatures between 18 and 29 degrees. On the other hand, the summer coincides with the rainy season, with the rainiest months, June and August.

Verona in SUMMER


Spring is a good choice to visit this city, temperatures are not so high and flowers grow, but do not forget to pack your warmest coat because when the night arrives temperatures go down.

Verona in SPRING


Autumn in Verona is very rainy, but in spite of this, temperatures are not very low. So if you visit Verona during autumn don't forget your raincoat and umbrella.

Verona in AUTUMN


Winter in Verona is very cold, with temperatures under 0 degrees. But despite these low temperatures, during winter Verona is full of Christmas street markets and decorations. In our opininion this is the best season to go because you can have a hot chocolate cup in piazza del erve or visit the street markets.

Verona in WINTER
Dreams are children of an idle brain


Piazza delle erbe

It is the oldest square in Verona. It's the perfect place to have a bite to eat or to buy some souvenirs.

"Madonna Veronese"

Juliet's house

This tourist atraccion is one of the most important in the city.

arena di verona

The Roman amphitheatre, the Arena, is the most renowned Veronese monument.

lamberti tower

piazza bra

going shopping

Mantova outlet village

How to get around

Transportation to

While in Verona you won’t probably need to use public transportation as everything in the centre is easily reachable with a short walk, but if your hotel is in the suburbs or if you want to reach a place outside of Verona city limit you’ll probably need to use public transportation.


There is an airport near Verona so you can get there by plane. Once you have landed, you can take a taxi to your hotel.

Aeroporto di Verona


Verona train station sees trains arrive from all over Italy. It is important to book tickets in advance to ensure there are seats available.

by BUS

As in all big cities, you can take a bus. Verona bus station is in front of the train station. From there buses depart for the different neighborhoods.

While you're there

Verona is near a lot of fantastic places you can visit:

Lake di Garda

It's one of the biggest and beautifulest lakes in Italy, located in Sirmione


It is one of the most famous cities in Italy and all over the world it welcomes around 20.000 tourists per day, it's known as the city of canals. It is composed by more than 110 islands.


Padova is located in Veneto. Some interesting places to visit are:

Scrovegni Chapel
Prato della Valle


Milan, the capital of Lombardy, has a population of 1.3 million people. It is the biggest industrial city of Italy with many different industrial sectors.


If you have enough time you can visit Austria, Slovenia or Switzerland.

We hope you enjoy your trip to Verona and this blog was useful for you.

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