Ancient Japan The beauty and complexity of this amazing culture


Feudalism is a way of ranking or ordering social classes. Each social class would provide for the other social classes in return for things. In Japan, everyone was provided with protection in return for something else. This showed that everyone in this civilization had importance and everyone was relied on. The civilizations that used feudalism thrived and lasted longer. Japan was on of those successful civilizations. They used social pyramids that showed ranks. Without this, there would have been anarchy and rebels because of the lack of respect and fairness.

Japanese Feudal Pyramid
Map of Japan

Isolation & Cultural Diffusion

Japan was an isolated country that was surrounded by water. On the other side of the water, Japan was surrounded by Korea, China, and Russia. These foreign countries traded ideas and those ideas had helped in the development of Japan. Without these ideas, it would be harder for Japan to keep peace between countries and make progress. It would make it so Japan wouldn't have traded as much and, without trade they wouldn't get the resources that they needed. Many Japanese ideas such as literature and writing were influenced by other countries such as China.

Amida buddah
A Samurai, the weapons that he would use, and the armor he would wear


Bushido is the code that the samurai followed and lived by. Samurai used and followed this in everyday life. They were trained physically and mentally all the time. They followed Bushido and worshipped the Amida Buddha. It helped get the samurai's ready for war so that they could defend Japan. Samurai's provided protection for everyone on the Feudal Pyramid. Without them, Japan would have been taken over and their civilization would have been put to a halt. Bushido gave the Samurai's the nessasary tools to fulfill their duty.

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