Who is He? Vincent micus

He works hard in school insisted the papers scattered across the black desk that is pushed up against the green wall.

Music gives him a way to express himself assured the Instruments and music strewn across the unmade bed.

He believes education is important informed the well used textbook sitting on the brown and black speckled carpet.

He is thankful for all the freedoms we possess announces the American flag leaned against the brown wall next to the dark oak wood door.

Basketball gives him a way to release stress and anger, says the well used basketball lying on the ground within a cluttered garage.

He enjoys to make people laugh explains the joke book laid on the dark brown dresser in the closet.

He is competitive and is determined to do his best at every thing he sets out for suggests the awards that hang on the brown cork board that sits on the green wall above the desk.

He needs the support of his family to pick him up and support him throughout the day commented the pictures of friends and family in the black picture frame placed above his bed.

Time is a precious thing to him, and he uses it wisely says the black and white clock hung over the white door frame.


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