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Hey everyone,

Thanks for a great response to last month's newsletter! We had a crazy month full of fun AIAA events, so read up on our events, upcoming activities, and recaps of team projects! A big thank you to all of our members for supporting our shared interests, and here's to another awesome month!

- Kelly Graham, AIAA Secretary

November Events!!

John Scott Speaker Event- Listen to Chief Technologist of the Propulsion and Power division at NASA's Johnson Space Center talk, hosted with SWE. Tuesday, October 2, 7-8pm, W205 Engineering Building Two

Third General Meeting - Relax before the November 13th, from 7:00-9:00pm in W205, Engineering Building 2

SPACECOM 2018 Essay Contest - AIAA-UH will sponsor 8 members for the full SPACECOM convention. The prompt is "Why are you passionate about the field of aerospace engineering?" Submit your essays, no longer than a page, hereDue: November 18th

SPACECOM 2018 - This convention over the future of aerospace and its commercial sector is super cool, full of awesome speakers, and has a free expo! November 27-28th, George R. Brown Convention Center. For more info & pricing, please click here.

Team Updates!

Drone team is preparing for their Preliminary Design Review Discussion on December 13th, from 2PM to 4:30PM. We are working on nailing down our preliminary design, our electronics, airframe, and other components! We will release our PDR the week before for people to be able to review. If you are interested in attending, please email droneteam.uh@gmail.com. We are still looking for help! We are beginning electronics testing and airframe CAD work! If you would like to join our team please signup here. Drone team meets on Thursdays, from 6PM to 8PM, in SR 528.

Hobby Rocket Team had its first meeting in October, where interested members learned the basics of rocketry, and made and launched their own model rockets. If you would like to join, please click to be added to the GroupMe here.

This is a preliminary design of Space City Rocketry's high powered competition rocket.

Space City Rocketry subteam’s have accomplished quite a bit over the past few months. Our avionics subteam chose the Telemega as their flight computer, and are working on their trey design and cad model of the system. Recovery decided on dual bay deployment for the rocket this year and their particular parachute, and continue to work on finalizing a material for the shock cord. The structures subteam chose fiberglass for the rocket’s body, but are looking into filament wound carbon fiber, which significantly reduces costs. Propulsion chose the optimal motor for the estimated range of weight of the rocket. The payload subteam, this year a capstone project, is designing an experiment to test acceleration and deceleration on organic tissues to determine if they play a role in brain trauma.

Member Of The Month

Jose Mendieta is the historian for AIAA-UH, and a member of our Drone Team, Hobby Rocket Team, and Space City Rocketry. He is responsible for the excellent pictures of our events and our officer photos. He started off attending rocket team meetings and became involved in the airframe subteam, leading to him going to the Spaceport America Cup and watching our rocket launch. He said, “I have seen this organization become quite successful during the time I have been involved in it and I would love for it to be even more successful and continue promoting the field of aerospace on campus”. Congratulations Jose, and a huge thank you for all the hard work you do! If you would like to nominate a member of AIAA to become member of the month, please email your nomination and a brief reason why to aiaacoogs.uh@gmail.com.

Shirts are available for purchase!!

Prices for shirts: $15

Pay with venmo or paypal @AIAA-UH or aiaacoogs.uh@gmail.com

To pay with cash, stop by one of our officer's carrel hours in UC north or pay at our third general meeting!

October Events
Hobby Rocket Team Info Session- October 2nd - This inaugural meeting of our Hobby Rocket team went really well, with members learning about rockets and getting to build and launch their own!
Eryn Beisner Speaker Event - October 4th - Eryn Beisner, flight controller at NASA’s JSC, spoke with our paid members about the aerospace field and her experiences, giving us insight on how to make it and sharing funny yet positive advice.

Our Second General Meeting of the semester, October 16th, we hosted Dr. Olga Bannova, the director of the Space Architecture Masters program here at UH. She spoke to our members about the challenges of designing space missions, the steps involved in planning one, and some of the interesting research and design she's done to adjust to microgravity environments.

That's all folks! See you next month! - AIAA-UH Officers
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