Lousy OLD Group Projects crumby old buddies need to do their work.

Lindsay Selfridge G3

I sort of tend to overreact when I’m angry. And all these group projects and stuff bother the heck outta me. These crumby old teachers don’t let us pick the good guys. No, they make us work with the fellas who don’t do anything. Four million times this has happened to me. It’s always the same old fellas I got stuck with. Guys who don’t do anything to begin with. Guys who don’t even realize they don’t do anything. Guys who don’t know anything to begin with.

I was quite unlucky the first time it happened, because it was a partner project and all. Listen, don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t the worst person to work with, but he didn't do much work. I had to work like a madman to keep up with all the old deadlines and stuff. It was, quite frankly, the first of many terrific disasters in my life of terrific disasters. The next fellas I worked with were sorta the same. Listen, all these old fellas, all these slackers, they’re all the same. It makes me awfully depressed, so much I might vomit.

The funny thing is, though, they never think about the girls like me. Girls who actually know what’s happening and how to work. Girls who do their part. Girls you never appreciated because you were too busy being a stinking phony. Go ahead and be your dopey selves, but think about how it doesn’t make us feel too hot when we do all your work. That’s all I have to complain about for right now, because I sure don’t feel like telling you more and all. God, I just wish you could be there to witness these lousy fellas in my group projects. You’d probably think it’s funny.

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