Good Life Performance By Pedro Munoz

The Spatial Experience

Entering the building seemed like a regular day since I go through the Reitz Building rather often but it was my first time entering the Constans Theater which was rather beautiful on the inside. Waiting for the play all I expected was it to be another play in which I am not so invested in but that was not the case when I left the building. As the lights dimmed I was mostly interested on how the plot of the story was going to unfold. I was quite comfortable sitting in the theater and stage itself was beautiful to look at. The auditorium was large to fit a decent umber of people but not big enough that it did not feel like I would not be able to enjoy the play. The role of place matters a lot to the Good Life because it gives a person a sense of belonging and comfort which I genuinely did feel throughout the play.

Social Experience

I attended this event with one of my close friends from high school, Wilmary. Prior to the play I attended the Career Showcase and kept the same clothes that I had on and I read over the synopsis of the play to get a better understanding of what I was going to watch. This experience was nice going with a friend being that I had someone to talk afterwards about the play itself. During the Talk Back, her and I talked about how the character Sarah Bernhardt was happy with her life and the arts even though it seemed at first she only cared about the fame; we even asked the actress about how she felt about our opinion. The role of a shared experience such as this one in the Good Life is that it gives someone the opportunity to discuss and interpret ideas together in each other's company.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The central issue of this play was that the character Talbot was kicked out of a church school for getting into a fight with a priest who abused him, and his friend Michaud attempting to write his story even though the church forbade him to do so. I knew close to nothing except a small introductory synopsis to the play mostly because I wanted to see how the story unfolded. This play did make me notice that although Michaud went through a uncomfortable experience to write this story, he was doing what he enjoyed which made me understand that he was living the good life in his terms. This subject matter does not have any particular relationship to me but I can understand how that case can be relatable.

Emotional Experience

This play provides us with an opportunity for kartharsis because there are a number of topics in this play that make people think about the negative aspects of life such as abuse, poverty, and inability to express oneself. This katharsis not only gives this information but also shows that in these cases there is a way to overcome that adversity and come to the top. The play pokes at itself even on how it is necessary to have written work that provides people with this information that is a clear problem in society. This moment of "coming clean" brings a sigh of relief at the end since all of this information has been expressed to what the author deems necessary.

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