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NEW book |The Bitcoin Bride - a Rascal Money Story

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What would you do if you had to explain bitcoin or lose the love of your life?

Marcus Coleman may not know anything about winning over his potential father-in-law, but he does know Bitcoin. Before the end of his trip to Italy, Marcus must clearly explain the greatest breakthrough in the history of money. If he fails, the expensive engagement ring tucked away in his suitcase will never be worn. And success may prove more difficult than he assumed.

As Marcus gets to know the enchanting Italian countryside, culture, and cuisine, he’ll have to balance Bitcoin explanations with romance. In this whimsical book, #1 New York Times bestselling author Chris Brady shows that fun and finances can go together like marinara and mozzarella.

Who is Chris Brady?

Chris Brady is a New York Times best-selling author, speaker, humorist, and businessman. His books include Launching a Leadership Revolution (co-authored with Orrin Woodward), PAiLS, Rascal, A Month of Italy, and several other titles on leadership and success. Chris is the CEO and Creative Director of The Life Platform. He is also the executive publisher of Obstacles Press, and one of the Founders of All Grace Outreach, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Chris is listed on the Inc. Magazine Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts and is one of the Top 100 Authors to Follow on Twitter. In 2017, Brady was listed Richtopia's Top 200 list of most influential authors in the world. Chris and his wife Terri have four adult children and one grandchild and live in North Carolina.

“No guts, no story.” – Chris Brady

Major Accomplishments

  • Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of The Life Platform
  • Executive Publisher of Obstaclés Press
  • New York Times bestselling author (over one million copies sold in nine languages)
  • Listed among Richtopia's Top 200 Most Influential Authors in the world
  • Recognized among the Best 25 Management and Leadership Blogs and as a Top Business Expert
  • Listed on the Likeable Local's Top 150 Great Marketers to Follow in 2015
  • Named one of the The Modern Servant Leader’s Top Leadership Experts to Follow in 2015
  • Ranked Number 39 on Inc. Magazine’s Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts in May of 2014
  • Listed among the Top 100 Authors to Follow on Twitter (@RascalTweets)
  • Received the Kettering/GMI Alumni Association Entrepreneurial Achievement Award In 2010
  • Blog has been included in the Top-Notch Leadership and Management Blogs, the Top 100 Blogs for Executives, Managers, and CEOs, and the 100 Best Web Resources for Managers

Major Publications

  • The Bitcoin Bride: A Rascal Money Story
  • A Month of Italy (2013 Gold ADDY® winner, and featured in the movie A Long Way Off)
  • PAiLS (Platinum winner in the 2015 Readers Legacy Choice Awards)
  • RASCAL (Gold Medal winner in the 2013 Living Now Evergreen Book Awards)
  • Leadership Lessons from the Age of Fighting Sail
  • Launching a Leadership Revolution (co-authored with Orrin Woodward, #1 New York Times Bestseller)
  • Leadership and Liberty (co-authored with Orrin Woodward)
  • Leadership: Tidbits and Treasures (co-authored with Orrin Woodward)
  • Life (co-authored with Orrin Woodward, 2011 Gold ADDY® winner)
  • Financial Fitness (co-authored with Orrin Woodward)
  • Beyond Financial Fitness (co-authored with Orrin Woodward)
“Our privileges are not for our pleasure but for our purpose.”

Additional Information


Chris earned his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering at Kettering University and his Master of Science in manufacturing engineering from Carnegie Mellon University as a General Motors Fellow. Chris also completed his Master’s Thesis work at Toyohashi University in Japan.


Chris and his wife Terri have four adult children and one grandchild and live in North Carolina.

Charitable Focus

Chris is a Founder and Vice President of All Grace Outreach, the 501(c )(3) charitable nonprofit organization, which focuses on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world and helping abused, abandoned, and distressed women and children. Chris also serves as a Board Member for the charitable organization, Italy for Christ, whose mission is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every Italian in this generation. Additionally, because of his passion for literacy and his personal involvement in the advancement of literacy initiatives, Chris serves as a Board Member for the Triangle Literacy Council in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Hobbies and Interests

Chris is an avid motorized adventurer, world traveler, private pilot, soccer fan, Christian, historian, husband, and dad. If you can’t find Chris speaking to a live audience, in his office writing his books, perusing through a bookstore, spending time with his children and grandchild, or having fun out on the lake, try looking in the following online locations below.

“You can't take your same old self into a bright new future. You would only darken it.” ― Chris Brady