Canbury School Newsletter 8th May 2020. issue 203

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

Well we're drawing to the end of another week in remote learning lockdown - and how proud you have all done yourselves AGAIN. I do not under estimate the difficult and challenging situations we are all finding ourselves in. From sharing work spaces, laptops and resources, to being on time for remote learning lessons, trying to keep other people in the house quiet and possibly out of sight whilst you are learning or indeed, teaching, to looking after others in the home, whether elderly relatives or young children who either need to be home schooled themselves or are too young to learn and need to have nappies changed and be rocked to sleep for afternoon naps - we are MANAGING. Sometimes we may be pulling our hair out, but we ARE, most definitely, managing. I'd like to thank you all for keeping on keeping on, the parents who have sent kind emails, the students who continue to learn from their kitchen tables, and my staff who are doing such a tremendous inventive job whilst trying to run their own lives alongside their Canbury duties. You are all amazing!

Many thanks to Mrs Veacock and Mr Bourgi who organised the hugely popular "Colour the rainbow" House competition. It's so appropriate that they asked you to think about the rainbow, which has become a symbol of hope in windows across the country during this time. So this week we've peppered the newsletter not only with top tips and helpful hints, but also the three winning entries in both student and staff categories in this competition. Well done everyone - it's certainly given the Newsletter an extraordinarily colourful edge!

Do enjoy the long Bank Holiday weekend and please, if you are doing anything to mark tomorrow's 75th anniversary of VE Day tomorrow, do send us photographs of your activities and in-house celebrations.

We'll all be watching out for the Government's announcement on Sunday evening regarding what coming out of lockdown might just begin to look like. I simply can't wait.

Stay safe. Keep well.

Ms Clancy


Congratulations Rosie!


Students of the week

Year 7

All students for their great work telling the time in Spanish.

Jessica, Evia, Chloe, Olivia, Layla, Ollie, Freddie, Karim, Thomas and Angus for their hard work naming and describing fractions in Mathematics.

Evia, Freddie and Thomas for speed and accuracy in their English work.

Year 8

Anders for an excellent report on endangered species.

Adam for his fantastically fast find-the-info quiz in English - more than three times the speed of all competition!

Anders for his exceptional imagination in English.

Flora her persistence and effort throughout the week in English.

Great work on IXL in Mathematics from Peter with fractions - well done!

Adam, Ross, Flora, Connor, Anders and Zac for their hard work calculating with fractions in Mathematics this week

Carl for being super kind and helpful in Drama.

Year 9

Lauren, Alannah and Jack for some great analysis of persuasive technique in advertising in their work with Mrs Haines.

Harry A for his hardwork in Graphics class, navigating the technology and tasks effortlessly.

Harry, Alannah, Otti, Ain, Matthew, Larry, Phoebe and Shaaiyon for their focus and hard work answering past GCSE exam paper questions on Triangles and Quadrilaterals on Dr Frost Maths this week.

Phoebe, Harry A, Otti and Ain for their exceptionally well-researched presentations on way out activities and pastimes for English. All Year for their efforts in delivering online presentations in tricky circumstances.

Year 10

Harry B for excellent focus and some wonderful descriptive writing in English.

Ellie for her methodical approach to multiple step word problems in Mathematics.

Rhian, Evie, Louis, Max and Armani for their efforts in capturing their family portraits this week.

Great work from Harry, Seb and Armani on GCSE writing tasks in Spanish.

Rhian for her determination to succeed in Mathematics.

Victor, Harry, Oskar, Max, Alex and Shiroxley for their hard work calculating volumes of a prisms in Mathematics.

Seb for his excellent clear explanations of his answers whilst calculating volumes of prisms on Dr Frost Maths.

Louis, Seb and Max for their achievements in English this week.

The BTEC Performing Arts class for consistent thoughtful work.

Well done to the Y10 Business Studies students who have shown a great level of understanding regarding the topic of 'Legislation in Business', a subject which is complicated enough to understand when in the classroom, let alone via Hangouts!

Year 11

Emily for consistently producing excellent work in Business Studies.

Emily, James and Caitlin for their excellent family portraits in photography this week.

Caitlin for showing fantastic independent working skills while remote learning in Art and Photography.

Alex, Amy, Emily, Rosie and Matt for their mature approach to the activities in Mathematics this week.

Year 12

Says Mrs Hurrell: "Well done to Felix for working extremely hard and remaining focussed in BTEC Business - a tough job when it is just the two of us...."

Jasmina and Luca for their excellent skills when solving simultaneous equations in Mathematics.

In a special feature this week, we introduce a staff 'star of the week'...

We never stop learning, facing our fears, trying new things - or at least we hope that's case. So this week we want to shine a light on the lovely Mrs Burke, our literacy 1:1 teacher. A little birdy told us she has overcome a lifelong challenge with numbers to pass a tricky exam. Bravo Mrs Burke! You are a great role model for us all. Read on to find out what she did.

"I am so pleased to share with you that I passed a very difficult (for me) exam recently - Maths. I have always found working with numbers a challenge so I decided to do something about it and face the fear. Over 18 months I trained to be a dyscalculia assessor - and passed! Dyscalculia is a difficulty with numbers - some people think of it as dyslexia for Maths. Although I found the course very challenging and nearly gave up towards the end, I managed to persevere, with a little bit of help from my friends. I want to thank Jack in Year 9 who worked with me throughout the course too. So, if you find something a challenge, face it head on and you will make progress. If I can do it - so can you."

Nice hat Rhian!
A useful reminder about looking after ourselves, especially at the moment.
Great variety of items Caitlin.

Health is wealth - sports round-up.

Writes Mr Barnes: "Some more encouraging stories of Canbury students being physically active during this further week of lockdown. Peter L spent his Tuesday Games lesson skateboarding on his street, Alannah followed a video tutorial on her exercise ball, Matthew A went on a 7k bike ride, Seb designed a garden football session and Harry B did weights and resistance exercises. Well done everyone, keep up the great work! Don't forget to send us in photos too which we can share here in the Newsletter, showing us keeping active and on the move.

And here's Jessica, who cycled to the outside of school today during her PE lesson - what a great idea. Hopefully it won't be too long before we can step back inside!

Top tips and reflections - Did you notice any helpful thoughts you would like to share? That I can only do my best in situations and that that is enough. Mrs Rich.

Four year old Esme steals the first prize in the staff category - these teachers are getting younger!

Top tips and reflections - what can you be grateful for? That I have food and a roof over my head. Jack.

Yummy looking cake from Chris - if only we could try it!

Chris is certainly keeping busy in lockdown. Following on from swing ball and cycling, this week he turned his hand to baking a banana bread. BB does seem to have become THE thing to cook during this strange time. Chris, when we return, you'd better bring in a slice for Ms Clancy to decide if you perfected the technique!

Top tips and reflections - Did you notice any helpful thoughts you would like to share? That I have begun to cherish the really little things, like the sun on my face, waving across the road to my neighbour and a freshly brewed cup of coffee when I get back from walking Ned. Mrs Bate

Mrs Damaa exhibits her artistic flair.


Top tips and reflections - I looked after myself by: Exercising using Joe Wicks exercise programmes to make me stronger. Seb.

Fabulous feedback for Matthew

We are never surprised here at school when someone praises one of our students - after all, while we can't be complacent, we do expect members of the Canbury family to conduct themselves with the highest integrity both in and outside of school at all times. Even so, Ms Clancy was thrilled to receive a letter from a teacher who ran an online Performing Arts class which Y9 student Matthew A attended in the Easter holidays. Below we share an excerpt from it - well done Matthew!

Our Mathew.

"I am writing to you to tell you of a student of yours who did some fantastic work. I taught Matthew A during the Easter holidays. He was polite, respectful of myself and the other students, incredibly eager to learn, hard working and knowledgeable about the subject. He was the first in to 'class' everyday, and my young son was there, Matthew spoke kindly to him, he happily engaged with him despite him being only six, and he was patient. He was an absolute pleasure to teach. I wanted to let you know, as I feel he deserves recognition for being so marvellous."

How lovely is that? Very well done Matthew.

Top tips and reflections - I looked after myself by: Drinking carrot juice! Ms Patrycja.

Well done Mrs Rich - an array photographs suggesting nature and nuture.

Top tips and reflections - Did you notice any helpful thoughts you would like to share? That I can only do my best in situations and that that is enough. Mrs Rich.

We leave you with a few calming images from Mrs Branney's walks this week - can you spot the alpacas?!

Top tips and reflections - check this out: Global Citizen have launched a campaign in which most artists have live streamed themselves playing their own songs on Instagram. I've already watched seven of my favourite artists, and I would definitely recommend checking this out! Mr Temple.