Welcome! Eudora/spring hill edcamp January 4th, 2016


Session Schedule:

There are a few copies of the session schedule posted in the academic wing.


On the session schedule, each session is linked up to a Google Doc. In the document, we would like for:

- Volunteers to take notes. This allows for more people to access the information shared/learned. More than 1 note-taker is definitely ok.

- Presenters to link up resources. Please open up share settings.

- During discussion sessions, write down ideas that came out of the discussion.

- During department collaboration, each department is linked up with a Google Doc that has specific questions. Please use that document to record collaboration discussions.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

2016 Version:

Please join our guest network, "USD491-Guest"

Rule of Two Feet

You have a guilt-free pass to leave a session early to attend a different session.

Not what you thought the session would be? You couldn't decide between two sessions? Either way, presenters will not be offended if you leave early. EdCamp is about getting the PD YOU want!


Rooms 1-3 are in the "D" section. Rooms 4-7 are in the "E" section. Rooms 8-10 are in the "F" section.

Collaboration Note:

Before heading to Session 4 (Collaboration), go to the main hallway in the academic wing to find your department. EHS staff will have signs with their department name, and they will then take you to the room where you will collaborate.

Last, But Not Least - Tweet!


Live tweeting your sessions is encouraged during EdCamp! Let's all use the hashtag #edcampESH


  • Check the session schedule for session details.
  • Volunteers take notes during sessions.
  • Presenters link up resources.
  • Take notes during discussions/collaboration.
  • Meet in main hallway before collaboration to find your department.
  • Rule of two feet.
  • Tweet! #edcampESH

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