As part of a workshop organized by our proffessors, we met the founders of the brand VAKAY. They introduced us to their products, values and vision. As a result, they ordered us to make a display for their wooden glasses. But there were still constraints to respect.

Picture from the workshop

Indeed, the exercise was not as easy as it seems Since this display should not just be beautiful, but it must above all, be perfectly studied to highlight the glasses that have the distinction of being made of wood. So we had to pay attention to the choice of materials, colors, shapes and also to respect the charter of the brand and to give a value to the product of our clients.

Therefore we had to do a lot of research on the products of our sponsors, their specificities, their characteristics, their particularities...

In fact, this display should help the co-founders of the brand VAKAY To communicate about their identity and their vision and also help them to sell their glasses even if they do not have their own shop.

VAKAY is a very authentic brand that is very attached to its Tunisian Identity.

That’s why, as designers, we had to use empathy to understand as much as possible, the identity of this brand, its unvierse and the story telled by its products then to concieve a display that can transmit this story and invite people to discover it by buying the glasses.

That was a good challenge for me and my partner.

In addition to all this, the display should also be easy to manufacture and not cost too much, so we should also give importance to this point and facilitate it as much as possible.

Thus, this point was first solved by choosing easy manufacturing methods such as nesting , folding and modularity , which are efficient solutions for transport and storage problems.

Then we chose the production techniques that are available from the customer like the laser cutting machine.

picture of the laser machine

To remain in the spirit of the brand and respect its berber and geometric identity, we adopted simple forms and a refined structure. As for the main module, it was designed to support as many pairs of glasses while keeping balance, hence the choice of these engravings.

First Drafts of Formal Research...

Then, we have chosen axes to differentiate our product from those that exist on the market. These axes were the originality and the interaction, therefore we have designed an interactive display unit with a perpetual rotation system, This system was created by leonard de vinci and is called 'Classic overbalanced Wheel'.

Different views of the final product

To maintain the glasses horizontally during the movement of the engraved wheel, it was necessary to develop a suitable rotation system

Adjustable support system

A profound study on the brand's products also revealed to us that their strength resided in their subtle details so we chose to emphasize these details by accentuating the user experience around the display By creating mirror sets to attract passers-by in front of the optician's window, with a magnifying glass to enlarge the small details of the glasses.

Zoom detail on the magnifying glass

The magnifying mirror creates an illusion to stir up the curiosity of passers-by and invites them to stop in front of the window to understand what it is.

Final product

Finally, the choice of colors and textures was made according to the charter of the mark. White, golden and wood, a subtle and sober wedding in the image of VAKAY and for an optimal highlight of the glasses.

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