To Kill a Mockingbird Splain Point of View Assignment

Entry 1: Boo Radley on why he puts the objects in the tree

Perspective of Boo: Its been kinda lonely in here, being in here for 20+ years and all, so I've decided to try and reach out to Jem and Scout. I watch 'em everyday, playing and laughing, and Atticus is always mighty nice, I can't help but smile whenever I see him. There's nothin' to do in here, and there's all these knickknacks lying around that I'm ain't gonna use anytime soon, so I might as well give 'em, to the kids, I bet they'd love to have them. I just want them to realize I'm not some kind of big scary monster, I actually care. The town has this terrible stigma around my name, there's even a rumor that I killed a man. I just want to be loved. I think I can get through to the town through the kids. I just need to show that I mean no harm.

Entry 2: Reverend Skye when he sees Scout and Jem in the church

Perspective of the Reverend: Today Cal brought two white children into church with her, Mr. Finch's kids to be precise. Normally I'd be a bit skeptical about someone bringing any ol' white kids around, but I know where Mr. Finch's heart is at and that these kids have been raised right. In Scout's eyes, I could she the innocence and peace that a well-raised child might have. Mr. Finch sure did a good job. Although, one of our members was a little bit skeptical, but I was mighty pleased to see some integration in our tiny town. I'm glad Cal decided to bring the Finch kids along to church with her, it was a brave thing to do, and a brave thing that Scout and Jem cam along willingly. This is one step closer to integration in southern societies, and blacks in this town will be treated equality soon, just you wait!

Entry 3: Tom escaping from the prison

Perspective of Tom Robinson: Ok, tonight is the night I do it, I'll run away and no one will be able to stop me. I am so mad about this trial and I don't like how i was convicted because of my race. It's not fair to me at all, even though America's court system is supposedly the fairest of them all. Everyone sitting in that courtroom knew darn well who was to blame. But they choose me. I'm ready to run and I've got the whole thing figured out. I'll get the guard to get close enough to me where I'll be able to grab his keys, and at 10 o'clock comes around and I hear the church bells start to ring, I'll start. The clock rang through the brisk air 10 times, and before you could know it, I was outta that prison. Too bad someone had a gun and the moon was full tonight. I should've picked a bigger counter weapon.

Entry 4: When Dill comes back for the summer.

From the perception of Dill: Oh my gosh I'm going to have a cow, I can't wait to see Jem and Scout tomorrow. I love spending the summer with them down in sleepy ol' Maycomb! We always have the funnest adventures and I absolutely LOVE playing Boo Radley. None of the kids back home understand where the origins of the game comes from. I kept telling them they have to see it to believe it and they still don't understand. I miss Scout and Jem so much, they do so much for me. And don't even get me started on Atticus, he's so nice and charming, he's a perfectly well-rounded man! This place hasn't changed a bit! This is great! I hope Boo is still around to give us more goodies in the tree! I want a soap doll of my own now!


I thought that overall, this was a good assignment to have us do. This has made me think of the world and life in general in different ways. It seemed to be so spiritually and weird because low-key I felt like crying at sometimes. This projects helps go with the special quote that goes like "You can't fully understand a person until you walk a mile in their shoes," Atticus. You get to see things from a different view point, and it gives creative people a time to shine. The only thing I would change is the website because this website was confusing.


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