Service Marvelwood’s weekly Community Service program is unlike any other.

Each Saturday morning, students and faculty engage in on-going service projects around campus. Even when we can’t leave campus due to COVID restrictions, we’ve found that there’s much to do right here on Skiff Mountain.

Marvelwood Garden & Growing Dome

Our year-round garden program focuses on biodiversity and natural and organic methodology. Produce is served in the Dining Hall or contributed to local food banks.

Bird Crew

Exploring and supporting avian diversity through conservation projects.

Maintaining Purple Martin Colonies

Building Nesting Trays

Turning donated wood and recycled materials into trays for Purple Martin houses.

Marvelwood Blueberry Orchard

Year-round maintenance for the summer harvest

Even in the snow!

The Pterodactyl Times news room is bustling each Saturday morning.

Trail Maintenence

Doing our part for the neighboring Kent Land Trust Trails

Critter Care

Chickens, fish and dogs!

Kids Corner

Making Halloween special for faculty kids

The Great Sign Project 2020-2021

Students are using the Innovation Lab to create new signs on the laser engraver and installing them throughout campus.

Halls & Walls

Spreading hope and inspiration through word and color.

Helping Hands

Recycling plastic grocery bags into ‘plarn’- a sturdy plastic yarn - which is then woven into sleeping mats favored by homeless organizations.

Every week across the campus

we work together

to make the world

a better,


more colorful place

for all of us.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi

Community Service at Marvelwood