CU 1010 Portfolio Spring 2017

Common Exhibit 1: Recognizing and Revising Self-Talk Patterns

Inner Critic: judges self, blames self, demeans self

This is me crying over my math homework when my inner critic tells me I can't do it.

Identify: "I'm not a math person, that's why I don't understand." or "I can't do this problem because if involves a math equation."

I have always told myself that I'm just not a math person or that math just isn't my thing. My inner critic contributes to these negative and critical thoughts surrounding mathematics. The thoughts that I quoted above seem to occur every time I do something involving math, but have been coming up more recently when I reach a math equation in my microeconomics class.

Revise: Instead of saying "I'm not a math person, that's why I can't understand.", I could say something more positive like "Math may be one of my weaker subjects but I know that I can learn it if I put in the time and effort." Again, instead of saying "I can't do this problem because it has a math equation in it.", I could turn that around and say "Initially the math equation in this problem confuses me, but I can turn to my notes and textbook to help me figure it out!"

Inner Defender: judges others, and then blames others

"It's YOUR fault NOT mine!!!" - Emily's inner defender

Identify: "If I would have attended a better high school that actually taught me something, I would not be struggling as much with these general education classes.

This mindset that my high school set me up to have difficulties in college comes out WAY to often. Like I mentioned earlier, I struggle with math. My inner critic is telling me I can't do it and my inner defender is telling my it is my high school math departments fault. Math is not the only subject where my inner defender feels the need to tell me that it's not my fault... Chemistry, Economics, and Biology all bring that out in me.

Revise: For me, changing this from a victims point of view to a creators point of view has a lot to do with pride. Maybe my high school wasn't the best, but I got into Clemson so I'm obviously smart enough to take and pass these classes. I just have to sit down and stop pretending that information should or even would just come to me from high school to make my college level classes easier. The key words in that sentence are COLLEGE LEVEL. It has taken me a little to long to realize how different high school and college really are.

Inner Guide: doesn't self-demean, doesn't attack, gives wise perspective.

This smiley face is how I feel after having a positive chat with my inner guide.

Identify: So, I can have an attitude at times and my mom is the best at bringing it out. She asks a lot of questions and sometimes after a long day I get very snappy and normally tell her goodbye on the phone in a sarcastic, annoyed way. My inner guide always says to me after that, "She's your mother and she loves and misses you. She just wants to know how you're doing."

I talk to my mom on the phone everyday, if not more than once a day. Occasionally that second call is because my inner guide is telling me to call her back and be sweet and apologize for my attitude.

Revise: My inner guide also helps motivate me. In the past few weeks I have been swamped in make-up work, the flu is the worst, but my inner guide has positively pushed me to get it all done and to get me back on track.

Through doing this exhibit I realized that I could think of many more examples of my inner critic and of my inner defender than I could for my inner guide. That is something I definitely want to change. I feel like at times my inner critic can take over and is probably the inner voice I hear from the most. I can be a little too hard on myself, which I think is the reason my inner critic feels like my default setting. Having high expectations for myself is something that I will continue to do into the future but I would like to see myself lose touch with my inner critic and learn to let my inner guide help me reach those high expectations. I also feel like I hear from my inner defender a little too much. If I'm not critiquing how I did something, I see myself looking for other people/ things/ events to place the blame of it not being how I wanted it to be on other people. I think in the future I need to realize that I am only human and that I can't go 800 miles per hour all the time and that when I'm not going that fast, that it isn't my fault, or anyone/ anything around me's fault either. I need to focus on the positives things and let my inner guide actually guide me to the success I know I am capable of achieving. I would like to help implement this change in my default inner voice by slowing down sometimes and giving my inner guide the time to process what is going on and advise me in the most positive way possible.

Common Exhibit 2: Time Management Self Study

Part 1: Create Your Plan

Semester Plan: The Big Picture

Heres a giant picture of my Lilly Pulitzer agenda that I paid way too much money for but contains everything that is important to my life.

I write down everything in my agenda and I'm going to insert each month, which I consider to be my big picture.

Weekly Plan: The Ideal Week

I created a weekly plan when I met with Lorrie McGregor.

This weekly schedule that included review sessions was a life saver after a week out with the flu!

Obviously I have other things going on through each week, but I use this plan to keep my study sessions on track and add the things that change each week into my agenda.

Daily Plan: The Nitty Gritty

I am all about making lists. To-do lists, grocery lists, packing lists, lists of things I want, my month written out in list form... You name it, I list it. I even have a notebook that I only use to make lists. I like the good feeling I get when I check things off my list or finish a whole list. Below will be a few of my lovely lists.

This is the cover of my "list notebook", that 15 year old me mod-pogged with magazine clippings and glitter. I have had this notebook for many years and have been using this notebook for about two years. Sadly, it is running out of paper.
This is one of the lists from my notebook
This is a quick grocery list I had written on my white board at home. I just took a picture of it on my way out and went to the store after class.
Two lists form study sessions

Part Two: Monitor implementation of your plan

Below are pictures of the time tables I filled out for 4 days straight after making my weekly plan.

I'm a horrible photographer and cut my comment out, but it says "I'm starting to realize I watch too much Netflix"

The next two pictures are the short journal entries I did at the end of each of the four days.

This was my first week back in class after missing an entire week with the flu and was also my first week trying to stick to the weekly schedule I had created. Since this documented week, I have gotten into the routine of following my weekly schedule in regards to my classes and review sessions.

Common Exhibit 3: Retrieval Practice Self-Study

In the past I have typically only really studied by rereading my notes and making simple flash cards. For this exhibit I am going to be trying 3 new study methods. They are self testing, mind maps and quizlet flash cards/tests. I will be using the self testing method and the quizlet flash cards/tests for my Chemistry test. I will be using the mind map method for my Packaging Science test and I will be using the self testing again for my Microeconomics test. I plan to use each of these techniques at least five days before the day of the test.

This is just the review test for chapter 1. I did one for each chapter
This is the matching flash cards game on quizlet that I use to help me memorize important terms or formulas.
This is the mind map I used to help me learn many different things about glass and keep them all in the right order.
My economics professor provided this sample exam to help us study and I used it to my full benefit by making sure I understood all the questions and the ideas behind them.

Grade Reports:

Chemistry- 56 %

Emily post chemistry exam

Packaging- 98 % YAY! I really do love my packaging class and can't wait to be done with all my general education classes.

Economics- 55 % I felt the same after this after as I did after my Chemistry exam.

Immediately after my chemistry exam I felt somewhat defeated. There were many things on the test that I did not understand at all. After receiving my grade I felt even more defeated. Maybe self-testing and flash cards don't work for me.

Following my Packaging Science exam, all I felt was confidence. The mind map really helped me visualize the information I needed to succeed on the test.

My mircoeconomics test was harder than I was expecting it to be but I still feel relatively confident in how I did. I only struggled with two or three of the 42 questions. So maybe self testing and flash cards work for economics but not chemistry.

Self Exhibit 1: Scheduled or Go with the Flow?

I plan to study time management by scheduling work time and free time because managing my time efficiently is something that I struggle with greatly.

Through this study I am expecting to learn more about myself and what type of schedule or lack there of will help me use my time in the most efficient way possible. To me, no price can be placed on someones time.

I am going to do 3 weeks of different types of schedules and evaluate my productivity and enjoyment at the end of each week. The three different schedules I plan to try will be, a complete relaxed one with no specific structure, a full schedule down to the tiniest details and then a more relaxed schedule with only certain things planned.

My first week, the relaxed one, was the least productive. I took a lot of naps, which I love, and watched a lot of Netflix, which I also love. I did the bare minimum amount of schoolwork and ended up more stressed at the end because I felt slightly behind. The next week I did a very structured schedule and planned when I would eat, shower, drive to class and everything else in between.

This is an example of the tight schedule I followed for week two.
This is how my third week went, with a few small meetings added in.

I found that this tight of a schedule stressed me out more than anything because I was always worrying about doing what I had scheduled at a certain time. I did not enjoy this week and was annoyed with the constant pressure to do what was next. For the third week of this experiment I went with the schedule I created with Lorrie that only had my classes and review sessions scheduled for certain times. This gave me a lot more freedom but still made sure that I got my schoolwork done. I had to adjust my schedule a few times when I wanted to see my friends or had extra homework but I found that as long as I got my review sessions for the day complete the adjustment wasn't a problem. This relaxed schedule was by far the most productive and enjoyable for me!

Common Exhibit 4: Post- Test Analysis + Office Hours Visit

Post Test Analysis

Biology 1040 April 4, 2017

Predicted Grade: 80

Actual Grade: 71

Details: I rewrote all of my notes to become more familiar with the information. I made flashcards for important terms. I had a bank of questions from the homework. I studied 3 days in advance.

Question Profile

1. 2 points lost from multiple choice question. Misread the question

2. 0 points lost. MC.

3. 2 points lost. MC. Carelessness

4. 0 points lost. MC.

5. 0 points lost. MC.

6. 2 points lost. MC. Unfamiliar Material

7. 0 points lost. MC.

8. 0 points lost. MC.

9. 0 points lost. MC.

10. 0 points lost. MC.

11. 2 points lost. MC. Unfamiliar Material.

12. 0 points lost. MC.

13. 0 points lost. MC.

14. 0 points lost. MC.

15. 2 points lost. MC. Carelessness.

16. 0 points lost. MC.

17. 0 points lost. MC.

18. 2 points lost. MC. Unfamiliar Material.

19. 0 points lost. MC.

20. 0 points lost. MC

21. 0 points lost. MC.

22. 2 points lost. MC. Misread Question.

23. 0 points lost. MC.

24. 0 points lost. MC.

25. 0 points lost. MC.

26. 0 points lost. MC.

27. 2 points lost. MC. Carelessness.

28. 2 points lost. MC. Unfamiliar Material.

29. 2 points lost. MC. Carelessness.

30. 0 points lost. MC.

31. 0 points lost. MC.

32. 0 points lost. MC.

33. 0 points lost. MC.

34. 0 points lost. MC.

35. 0 points lost. MC.

36. 0 points lost. MC.

37. 0 points lost. MC.

38. 2 points lost. MC. Misread Question.

39. 0 points lost. MC.

40. 0 points lost. MC.

41. 0 points lost. MC.

42. 2 points lost. MC. Carelessness.

43. 2 points lost. MC. Unfamiliar Material.

44. 2 points lost. MC. Misread Question.

45. 2 points lost. MC. Carelessness.

46. 2 points lost. MC. Carelessness.

47. 0 points lost. MC.

48. 2 points lost. MC. Misread Question.

49. 2 points lost. MC. Unfamiliar Material.

50. 2 points lost. MC. Unfamiliar Material

Overall I feel like I studied pretty good for this test but did not give myself enough time to learn all of the information. I also think I need to take my time and read the questions more carefully. For the next test in this class I am going to start studying more than 3 days in advance and try not to rush through the exam. The bank of questions I had from the homework were very helpful because some of the exact ones were on the test. The flashcards also helped but I needed more time to learn them.

These are the study tips my professor provided.
This is the study guide for the exam.

Common Exhibit 5: Professor Interview

The following are the questions I chose to ask packaging professor Dr. Kay Cooksey:

What was your major in college?

Outside of your job, how do you spend your free time?

What class in college was the hardest for you and why?

What would you say is a non-academic skill that most college students lack today?

What is a piece of general advice you would give to students who may be having a difficult time?

I typed these quick notes as she answered my questions

I chose Dr. Kay Cooksey because she is also my advisor and I feel very comfortable talking to her because I have met with her many, many times. I was really satisfied with the way she answered my questions. Hearing that she also struggled with Chemistry, but was still able to become a Packaging Scientist was encouraging. I enjoyed hearing her talk about her horses as she showed me the pictures she has of them. It is nice to see a professor in a different light, doing something other than work that they enjoy. After learning a few new things about Dr. Cooksey, I realized that I really like the way she thinks. I gained even more respect for her when she admitted to also struggling to listen and when she went on to say how important it is to find something you're passionate about. This conversation with her also made me think about what other faculty might enjoy outside of school and helped me remember that they have lives and hobbies away from the university.

Common Exhibit 6: Values-Based Goal Setting

This activity was much more difficult than I was expecting it to be. I have more than a hand full of values that are really important to me which made throwing a lot of things out very hard. It took me quite a long time to decide on my top ten, which included God’s will, Genuineness, Family, Forgiveness, Service, Friendship, Independence, Commitment, Humor, and Faithfulness. After I narrowed it down to the top ten I thought there was no way I could eliminate 5 more, but I had to, This process took even longer and ended with Family, Service, God’s will, Independence, and Faithfulness. It was hard for me to get rid of genuineness because I feel like it’s really important to be true to who you are and not to pretend to be someone else for the wrong reasons. Forgiveness and friendship were also hard for me to take out. I’ve had an unpleasant school year when it comes to friendship and forgiveness because they both mean a lot to me and have been tested greatly. Taking these values out of my top 5 was difficult but it helped me see what is more important to me. Commitment was probably the easiest to remove, because I feel like it is somewhat of a synonym to faithfulness, which I left in my top 5. Humor was hard for me to remove but ultimately the others are much more important. I honestly wasn’t surprised with my top 5 once I paused to look at them. My family will always be one of the most important things to me and Gods will is something I work to follow daily. Service to others is something that was planted in my heart at a very young age through mission work. Independence is also a big one for me because I am a very independent person and really strive to be that way in most things I do. Last but not least, faithfulness means a lot to me as it goes along with commitment, friendship and genuineness.

The top two photos are from service trips I have been on. I have been on 7 out of state trips, and participated in even more projects in my home town. Service is very close to my heart. The bottom left picture is a picture of my childhood best friend and I. She moved away at the beginning of high school and we have stayed in touch and faithfully visited each other whenever we can. I think it is important to be committed to friendships that truly matter. The last picture is a picture of my family last summer at Garden City Chapel, another place that is near to my heart. My family and my faith in God's plan will always be one of my top values.

Short term: Finish this school year, summer included, with at least a 2.5 GPA.

This goal is not only important because I obviously need to keep my grades up in school, but I also need a 2.5 in order to remain in good academic standing with my sorority. This year has probably been one of the “worst” years I’ve had. I put worst in quotation marks because a lot of good things have happened and nothing traumatic or drastic has happened, it just hasn’t been a good one. This goal is going to take a lot more work than it would in previous semesters but I am striving to get it done. It ties into a few of my core values, family, faithfulness and independence to be exact. I want my family to be proud of me and it is important to me to do my best for them because they have given me and continue to give me so much. Faithfulness plays a part in this goal because I must stay faithful and committed to my goals and my grades and my sorority. Independence is probably the most connected one for me. Sometimes I can be too independent and that comes back to bite me, but I do take pride in my independence which normally boosts my confidence therefore boosting my work ethic and grades.

Long term: Be happy (I know this is very vague but I’m going to explain)

Each one of my core values play a part in my happiness. My family brings me so much joy and I want to continue to see them and talk to them on a daily basis. I’ve seen my mother and her sister grow apart over the years and I never want that to happen to my brother and I. Another way I plan to measure this happiness is by my job. I want to be happy in my job, regardless of what other people think about it. I want to be able to provide for my family and give to people around me. This ties into two of my core values very closely, family and service. I would love to be married with kids in the future, which will definitely contribute to my happiness, but if it is not in Gods will at that time (another one of my core values) then I will be happy without it. Happiness can also be measured by the way I feel. Self confidence is important to me and if I can be happy with myself, the things I’m doing and who I am around, I know that I can be happy.

This is me jumping for joy because Clemson won the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! This is the kind of happiness I am working towards...

Self Exhibit 2: Does How You Look Really Affect How you Feel??

Over the course of one week I kept up with what I wore each day, how I felt throughout the day, and how I felt at the end of the day. I am a relatively confident person but there are definitely things that can impact how confident I feel. I have experimented some with this in the past, mostly during my summer classes after my freshman year. I LOVE makeup, I LOVE jewelry, and I LOVE clothes and shoes. If I’m wearing a brand new clean pair of Nikes, Jordan’s or Adidas I feel like nothing can stop me. Add a snazzy outfit and a full face and I feel like I’m on top of the world. After paying closer attention to how my appearance affects my mood and confidence when it come to my ability to succeed, I realized that it has a greater impact than I thought!!

Here is a throwback to my glory days when orange eyeshadow was a must. Thank God for change!!!!

Monday: I wore my favorite jeans, a black V-neck shirt and my black tubulars. Casual, but one of my favorite outfits. I put on a full face of makeup and my hairs natural curls look great today. *hair flip emoji* I felt really good during class and got a decent amount of work done in the library afterwards. I cooked supper at home and did my laundry from spring break. I feel like today was successful.

Tuesday: I have an 8 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I normally leave the house in a hurry with no makeup on and a t shirt, which is definitely how I left this morning. I don’t feel self conscious but I don’t feel near as confident in myself or my work. Overall I feel more tired today than I did yesterday, which could just be because I had to get up earlier. After my classes are over at 1:30 I went home and took a nap. When I woke up around 4:00 I slowly got up and managed to watch a few of my chemistry videos and do some sapling questions before crawling back in bed to watch Netflix…

Wednesday: A lot like Monday… jean shorts, a navy polo and red huraches. I love those shoes and can’t help but be happy when I wear them. My class went well and I got some good notes and I did my homework immediately after class, which normally doesn’t happen. I had left overs for dinner and got a lot studying done.

Thursday: Early classes again.. I left in gym shorts and a t-shirt with roshes. I don’t feel completely gross but I have a meeting and a speaker event to go to later before I’ll have time to go home. By the time my meeting rolled around at 3 I felt pretty gross and really wanted to go change before the attending the event. Of course I didn’t have time to and was patiently waiting for the event to end so I could be back in the privacy of my home.

Friday: I don’t have any classes and didn’t leave my house or my pajamas all day. Oops.

At the end of the week I decided that I feel better when I look better and that when I feel better I am more productive. When I don’t like the way I look I think about it and it distracts me from other more important things, but if I leave the house looking right I can focus on my goals and feel great about myself while I do it.


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