The Refugee Crisis And President trumps immagration order

A refugee is a person who leaves his or her country due to persecution because of race/ religion/ nationality or political views. Thousands of refugees are forced out of their homes to live somewhere other than home. Statistics say, 65.3 million refugees are forced out of their homes. Refugees are then sent to what is called a host country. A host country is a country which a refugee relocates.

IDP's (Internally Displaced Person) is a person who is forcibly uprooted within his or her country but who has not crossed an international border. IDP's may be forced from their home as a result of armed conflict, human rights, violations, or natural or human made disasters, yet remain in their country. (Staying within country) Total number of internally displaced persons approximately 40.8 million. top 5 internally displaced persons countries (and their totals) Colombia; 6.9 million, 6.6 million, Iraq; 4.4 million Sudan; 3.2 millions, Nigeria; 2.2 million. This has now resulted in total number of refugees, 21.3 million


Top 5 countries of origin for refugees (and their totals)- Syria; 4.9 mil, Afghanisan; 2.7 million, Somalia; 1.1 million, South Sudan; 778,700, Sudan; 628,800 thousand.

Top five host countries for refugees- Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iran, Ethiopia

Syrian refugee statistics... 1 in 4 worldwide are refugees, 95% of Syrian refugees live in Syria's neighboring countries

Total population- 22 million

Total refugees- 4.9 million

Total internally displaced persons come out to nearly 7 million.

Syrian casualties 400,00 killed over 1 million injured.

What surprised you most about refugees living in Za’atari camp?

The bond that they all share. From what we could see, they all got along while experiencing a horrid event like so.

What are some of the biggest issues refugees in the camp setting were facing? What about those in the urban towns and cities? How are these struggles different?

The occasional gun fire being healed from the camp, this reminded most refugees of the wars going on back home which caused fear for their loved ones back in their home-land. These struggles make it worse for being departed from their families while still in constant worry.

Do you believe we should welcome refugees into our own communities? Why or why not?

We should except refugees only if they pass the asylum seeker process, considering their home is under attack. This would greatly help them in a desperate time of need. If we did welcome refugees into our communities, what are some of the needs you think they’ll have? Health insure, a stable living life.

84,995 refugees as of 2016.

• Average number of refugees over the past 5 years. - 70 to 75,000$

• Top 5 sending countries? Congo, Syria, Burma, Iran and Somalia

• Top 5 receiving states? California, Texas, New York, Michigan and Ohio


Trumps new travel ban os a 90 day entry of travelers bam from six predominantly Muslim countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. The ban on all refugees to the United States is still set at 120 days.

Now that you know all about refugees, this is what our current president is working on now..

With America being striked upon Trump's presidency, I strongly believe the citizens of America have not seen the bigger picture. Needless to say, neither has the trump supports considering

this ban has still been on hold for the second time after it's revisions. As a Semi-Trump supporter I believe this ban is in favor for our country to simply strengthen the country in which we live in. Donald Trump's initial plan was not to ban the entirety of the Muslim/Islamic culture, however it was a temporary ban. This ban is a 90-day ban against travelers from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, as well as 120 days for any refugee entry. Something that is not understood often than not is that, this is a temporary ban. We are beginning to put America first and putting a pause on all things that could distract that matter. Do you believe that this is entirely in the wrong? That question remains un-answered by most Americans and politicians considering this is a fifty-fifty opinion based order. I strongly believe this will allow America to re-new itself to the best of its abilities and to construct our way of adapting.

The other part to my opinion is, the terrorist attacks. A vast majority of terror attacks in the United States do not occur because of Muslim refugees. In fact most American's are responsible for this reoccurring scare. In my defense I believe it is not to be entirely wrong considering their is some Middle East connection along the lines for some terrorist, but I am personally leaning more on the side of inaccurate for this part of the Ban. Overall I believe this is a great idea, considering this a trial of its own. I believe we cannot judge as to weather this is good for America or not until we experience the mayhem.

Lastly, after reading my opinion, where do you stand? To agree or disagree? How is this fair to this specific race/ nationality?

Main screening steps

  • UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR
  • Resettlement support center
  • Biographic security checks and enhanced interagency Security check
  • Department of home land security interview
  • Biometric security check
  • Medical check
  • Cultural orientation
  • Travel
  • U.S. arrival

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