BOND New York A social media overview

This presentation aims to outline the structure of your marketing campaign and the strategy behind it. Our goal is to generate new residential real estate leads for both buyers and sellers.

We'll use Facebook Ads to push prospects through a series of landing pages where they'll submit their contact information to be followed up on by a BOND New York agent. Our target audience will start broad and become more refined as people start responding to your ads.

Please keep in mind that this is a preliminary strategy that is subject to change based on business goals and how the prescribed strategy fits into Bond New York's workflow and sales cycle. You'll be informed of all changes made to the structure of this sales funnel.

Step 1

Facebook ad > landing page 1

Facebook ads will target people in certain Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens zip codes who are likely to move. We can narrow our focus to people who are likely to be in the market for high-dollar properties by screening based on age and income.

These ads will push people to a landing page where we'll host one blog post relevant to the housing market and an infographic that we'll design based on the content of the blog. We'll use a Facebook Pixel to capture user data and create an audience for retargeting. There will be a call-to-action to download the infographic once the user submits their name and email address.

Email follow-up 1

Once they've submitted their name and email address, the user will receive an email with a link to download the the infographic. This email will also feature contact information in case they're ready to speak with a broker.

Step 2

Facebook ad > landing page 2a/2b

We'll create two sets of Facebook ads; one for potential buyers and one for potential sellers. Using the retargeting audience of people who visited our first landing page, we'll reach people who are more familiar with your business and content and drive them toward one of two landing pages. The audience will self-select here.

Our landing page CTA will be to download either the buyer or seller guide in exchange for the user's name, email, phone number, and moving time frame. This lead info will go to Noah to distribute.

Email follow-up 2

This autoresponder email will feature a link to download the guides and contact info in case the user is ready to speak with a broker.

Email follow-up 3

Users will receive a trigger email two days after submitting their contact info asking if they have any questions and reminding them to download their guide.

Depending on which ads they interact with, respondents will receive one of two deliverables for filling out the landing page form with contact info: a home buyer's guide or a home seller's guide.

Facebook Ad Mockups

Landing Page Wireframes

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