The Frontier Culture Museum By: kayla magill and mary flinn

Many different cultures came over to America and the Frontier Culture Museum sheds light on Irish, African, English, and German culture and it's influences on American culture. The museum focuses on these cultures prior to immigration (1700's) and then shows how they influence American culture once here. Students walk through and view first hand what the houses looked like during this time. Not only are they visual engaged but presenters are constantly giving extra information (fun facts) and demonstrations. Students are also able to touch items in order to gain a better understanding of the cultures during the time.

Video of the Virginia Trekkers at the Frontier Culture Museum

One topic that students could focus on during this experience would be the blending of cultures. At the beginning of the tour each group of people are represented individually; all their houses look drastically different and have aspects that are specific to their people/area of living. Towards the end of the tour, learners soon see that all these cultures have come together and blended to create the homes that we see here in America. Although still focused in earlier times, students are able to see how the typical house floor plan came from the Irish, porches came from the African, and even the farm houses come from the German!

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