Elements of Art America Rosas

Shape. Flat. 2D. Full of life. Life on a wall. We see only one part of his life. The only part he wants to show.
Lines. Never ending. How we wish life were like. But eventually, we reach the end.
Value. From the darkest. To the brightest. Let's make moments. Come to The West.
Space. Thinking about how much you gave me. Now I'm lost, looking for my favorite star to show up again.
Texture. We know better how to understand things by using our eyes than explaining them with our voice.
Color. Every day was pink. Was. Until I knew what you could do. Now everything is white. Because even black has more color.
Form. In a way, we wanted to be famous. Known for good things. Some, infamous. Known for bad things. But who wants to admit to either one?
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America Rosas

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