My Daily Technological Interactions Annie zheng

This is my IPhone 7 Plus. I use this item everyday and honestly, probably could not live without it. My phone allows me to call, text, Instagram, read, surf the web, and many other tasks. It makes my life easier and more complicated at the same time.
This is my MacBook. It helps me complete my assignments for school and other tasks in my free time like watch movies and surf the web. It is easily portable and allows me to get all my work done.
These are my headphones. I have gone through so many of these, because I use them a lot. They allow to multitask when I'm doing something that requires the dexterity of my hands. I listen to podcasts and music all the time, especially when I'm doing school work.
This is my microwave. I love cooking, but sometimes Hot Pockets are just what a person needs. Microwaves are like speed-ovens that require no preheating. I use my microwave probably about three times a week.
This my television in the living room. I use it when I require a bigger screen that what my phone or Mac provides. Group movies, games, and cable just require something bigger. I personally don't use the tv too much, because I'm highly reliant on my computer.
This is my 2010 Honda Accord. I just got her about four months ago and she takes me wherever I have to go everyday. Gas is pricey, but it's the price of freedom instead riding with family.

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