NACE Challenge Development Programme update

New support for schools

New support and flexible options are now available for schools working with the NACE Challenge Framework and/or preparing for Challenge Award accreditation. This will ensure schools can continue to access advice and consultancy support and move forward with Challenge Award applications during the period of full or partial school closure. Full details of the new support and ways of working with the NACE Challenge Development Programme can be found in our Challenge and Coronavirus Q&A.

Challenge Clinics

To support schools at all stages of working with the Challenge Development Programme, we are continuing to run our popular Challenge Clinics. These are free for all schools working with the Challenge Framework, offering one-to-one telephone support with an experienced Challenge Award assessor. Typically, more able leaders will plan a few key questions they would like to seek advice on, e.g. questions about evidence submission, practical tips for working with parents etc. For upcoming Challenge Clinic dates, visit our community calendar.

Remote consultancy

For detailed guidance on action planning, more able policy, and effective implementation of the Challenge Framework criteria, half-day NACE Challenge consultancy is now available through “virtual visits” with an experienced assessor. We will continue to offer remote consultancy in the autumn term, alongside in-person consultancy, to meet varying school contexts. This opportunity for in-depth, tailored support is highly recommended, especially for schools starting out with the Challenge Framework.

Challenge Award accreditation

We continue to welcome new applications for Challenge Award pre-assessment, accreditation and reaccreditation. Where necessary, we will offer flexible arrangements to ensure no school is disadvantaged by any gap in provision or slippage in a planned timeline for accreditation. Schools will not be assessed on 2020 examination results and we will continue to consider a broader view of the school’s results over time. The expectation is that evidence submitted for accreditations will be taken before and/or after the period of school closure, although schools are free to include evidence from within the closure period if they wish.

To help schools keep on track with accreditation plans, the accreditation process now includes the option for remote pre-assessment. This will continue to be offered alongside pre-assessment visits, depending on the context in which schools are operating.

Schools currently due for an initial accreditation or reaccreditation can choose to submit their portfolio of evidence during the period of full or partial school closure. This is to enable schools which have evidence “ready to go” to complete the initial stage of assessment. A successful evidence submission would be followed by the school-based assessment day as soon as that is feasible.

For further information contact challenge@nace.co.uk

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