Evolution of sharks by Ethan Bartlett

This is the Metaspriggina this is a 514 million year old shark.

This is the Cladoselache, this shark evolved from the Metaspriggina. This shark lived 370 million years ago.

This is the Falcatus it evolved from the Cladoselache. This shark lived 330 million years ago.

This is the Stethacanthus it evolved from Falcatus. This shark was alive 320 million years ago.
This is the Helicoprion it evolved from the stethacanthus.this shark lived 290 million years ago.
This is the Hybodus it evolved from the Helicoprion. This shark lived 180 million years ago.
This is the Ginsu shark it evolved from the Hybodus. This shark is 100 million years old.
This is the Otodus shark it evolved from the Ginsu shark. This shark lived 55 million years ago.
This is the Megalodon it evolved from the Otodus. This shark lived 15.5 million years ago. The Megalodon was the largest shark in history.
This is the Megalodon's jaw compared to a human.

All of these sharks started in the Paleozoic and evolved all the way into the Cenozoic starting with there oldest ancestor and evolving up into the sharks we have to today like The great white, Bull shark, Tiger shark, Whale shark, etc. Sharks have Lived for a Very long time they date back to 514 million years ago.

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