Sharing the Impact Bouvé College of Health Sciences

The Bouvé College of Health Sciences is preparing students who will address the uncertainty and challenges ahead. Your generosity helps them get the most out of their Northeastern education, delve deeply into big questions, and address the problems we face as a global society.

My job at Brigham and Women's Hospital has not only enhanced every aspect of my critical thinking, it has given me a real glimpse at a career I can see myself pursing as a nurse in just a few months. The emergency room is the best place for me to practice thinking fast on my feet, something I never get tired of, and has allowed me to meet so many amazing people, both patients and co-workers. I have become part of a team of exceptional professionals in the ER. Watching them do what they do every day has given me a much deeper understanding of what my duty as an RN would consist of. This certainly isn’t something I could learn in the lecture room.

BCHS Student, Class of 2020

When I chose to study pharmacy, my goal was to one day work as a valuable and easily accessible healthcare provider. While I have loved learning about other exciting fields of pharmacy, I've always continued to be drawn to the field of community pharmacy because I would love to work in a capacity where I can diligently support patients and protect public health on a daily basis.

BCHS Student, Class of 2020

As a young woman from a small farming community who was raised by a single mother, I never believed that I would be living in Boston or that I would have so many opportunities right before my eyes. This is only possible with the aid of donors like you. Your generosity is appreciated, and your kindness goes neither unnoticed nor forgotten.

BCHS Student, Class of 2020

Not everyone can say they have attended Northeastern University and will graduate with a year's worth of work experience—I am very lucky. None of this would be possible without the university believing in me and the support you have provided me. I can now enjoy all of the opportunities that come from my co-op and the rest of my time at Northeastern, with less worry about how I will be able to afford it all in the end.

BCHS Student, Class of 2022

Thank you for all you do for the Bouvé College of Health Sciences and for supporting these outstanding students.