Vitamins and Minerals BY: Kaitlyn Ritter


Water Soluble- dissolves in water

Function: Carries water soluble vitamins. Regulates body temperature through perspiration. Carries waste products through and out of the body. Prevents dehydrations

Vitamin B

Function: Helps body make new cells. Food Source: Dark green leafy vegetables. Deficiency: Spina Bifida

Vitamin C

Function: Protects the body against infection. Food Source: Citrus fruits, Strawberries, & broccoli. Deficiency: Scurvy (bleeding gums)

Fat Soluble

Function: Vitamins dissolve in and are carried by Fat.

Vitamin K

Function: Helps blood clot normally. Food Source: Dark green leafy vegetables. Deficiency: Bleeding and Bruising.

Vitamin A

Function: Promotes good vision, hair and Skin. Food Source: Red, orange, and Dark green veggies Deficiency: Night Blindness

Vitamin D

Function: Builds and maintains bones and teeth. Food Source: Milk, dairy products, and sunlight Deficiency: Rickets (borred legs)

Vitamin E

Function: Protects the membranes of white and red blood cells. Food Sources: fruits and veggies and vegetable oils. Deficiency: Poor nerve connection and neurological problems


Function: Strengthens bones and teeth Food Source: Milk/dairy, whole grains, & dark green leafy veggies Deficiency: Osteoporosis (brittle bones)


Function: Helps make red blood cells and helps muscles store and use oxygen. Food Source: Animals products, meat, dark green leafy vegetables. Deficiency: Anemia (low red blood cell formation)


Function: Maintains fluid balance in the body. Food Source: Salt, fruits and vegetables. Deficiency: Muscle cramps, irregular heat, seizures.


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