The Stars

The Night Sky

Can anyone count the stars in this photo?

NO! There are too many!

We can't count them, but we can talk about them

What are stars?

What are stars?

A star is a huge ball of hot gas in space and they make energy. A star's energy is given off as heat and light.

Heat and light? Does that sound familiar?

The sun is a star! It is the closest star to earth.

The sun's helpful properties, heat and light, are properties of stars.

Are there any other famous stars?

Constellation - a picture in the stars. lets connect the dots
Scientists "connect the dots" of stars and create constellations. A constellation is a group of stars that creates a picture.

Over time, people have discovered Many constellations

Does anyone recognize any shapes in this constellation?

Ursa Major - a bear in the stars

How about this one?

Orion - the man in the sky

We are going to make constellations!

The constellation must contain 2 shapes.

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David Scalf III


Created with images by abhinaba - "Manzanita, OR night sky" • manolofranco - "to close chaguazoso a mosque" • allenran 917 - "star"

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