"Drop" Out' Imagine dropping out of HIGH SCHOOL.

By Danko Beltran

Dropping out has always crossed our minds at least once and thought if it was a good idea or not. This is a constant theme that students have been thinking about since they think its "cool" or that school is very boring and thought it wasn't meant for them. Many students get influenced to drop out because they want to do drugs or work to get money to support families. (Random heads)

In this info graphic, it shows the percentage of how many students dropped out because they were failing to many classes and also shows how much more money you will make every year by different graduates.

If simply have a job or don’t feel like going and are not pursuing a different, better, more meaningful goal, then no, dropping out of high school isn't a good idea. There is no good reason for you to dropout of high school, or to “drop” out of anything in fact you did not give in your best. Based on the website www.nap.edu, a number of research studies substantiate that these signs of disengagement are precursors to dropping out, and students may advertise their intentions fairly early on.

Early research suggested that certain social and family background factors were associated with an increased risk of dropping out, such as being poor, minority, from a single-parent family, or from a family with low educational attainment or low support for education.

Dropping out could end up ruining your life because many jobs wont want a dropout working for them. Most jobs that high school drop outs will end up getting are fast-food restaurants or if they stick to the streets they will start being dope dealers. Some become criminals and start stealing.

I have met a friend who has dropped out because he got kicked out of school for fighting. So he just kicks back at his pad and smokes. I also have some friends who dropped out just because they said school wasn't meant for them, they just wanted to work and make money already. To end it off here, don't drop out and give in your best.

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