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Presentation Software

"software used to create a sequence of text and graphics, and often audio and video, to accompany a speech or public presentation"

Tool Number 1: Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is an effective way for people to have full control and be able to express their own ideas through a variation of slides. It is a presentation that consist a number of slides and each individual slide can include: text, graphics, sound, video, or other objects. PowerPoint has increased the use of visual aids which helps with visual learners. PowerPoint's flexibility and being able to customize each slide helps when trying to fit all of the needs you need when teaching in a classroom.

Ideas for classroom
  • When giving kids notes instead of just talking or making them copy vocabulary words out of the book, instead I am going to make a powerpoint to benefit each type of learner and by adding animation and pictures make it more enjoyable
  • PowerPoint will help me with my future endeavors as a teacher, but can also help students. For some assignments I will require them to use PowerPoint so they can practice using all types of media when presenting.

Tool Number 2: Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark  is a presentation software that I personally love and am currently using. It has provided a creative yet organized way for a presentation. Adobe Spark is a very easy to work with software. It is used through your email and saves automatically. You can access from any device with internet, so if something were to happen with your computer Adobe Spark has got you covered. The tools are very easy to use when trying to create an eye grabbing but professional presentation.

Ideas for classroom
  • My favorite thing Adobe Spark is the ability to add buttons that include the URL. In my classroom, I want to find a fun as well as organized way for students to have when outlining papers. Adobe Spark is never dull. This can engage my students as well as add something different to my eyes when I'm grading to outline papers.
  • Also Powerpoint can be over used and Adobe Spark brings something new to the eyes. Everything about Adobe Spark is unique and I think that is something to be able to bring to the table when teaching instead of doing the normal stuff over and over again.

Professional Development

"Process of improving and increasing capabilities of staff through access to education and training opportunities in the workplace, through outside organization, or through watching others perform the job"

Tool Number 1: AEA

A big association for education in Alabama is the AEA. AEA stands for the Alabama Education Association. Since I plan to live in Alabama and teach I decided to look into this association. Their mission which is "To promote educational excellence, the Alabama Education Association shall serve as the advocate for its members and shall lead in the advancement of equitable and quality public education for a diverse population" caught my eye. AEA funds the necessities needed within a classroom

Ideas for classroom
  • AEA is something I am able to fall back on within my classroom if I second guess myself on what the best thing to do is.
  • AEA is an association , but also a resource to get information and make my classroom the best learning environment for students.

Tool Number 2:CEC

The Council for Exceptional Children helps with special educators needs being met. I think this tool is the most important because I want my career to be teaching special needs students. Teachers can be looked down on when they do not meet state obligations. When in this atmosphere with a diverse group of students you usually will end up being in a time crunch. The Council for Exceptional Children provides prof helps youth with disabilities meet state obligations.

Ideas for classroom
  • Being a Special Education teacher can be hard at times when on a time period so by having the CEC it will help me be able to relieve stress when in the classroom.
  • CEC helps provide lesson plans as well as certain formats to use each day.

Student Games

Tool Number 1: FunBrain

FunBrain is a educational browser with games to make learning fun. FunBrain is aimed towards children from preschool to eighth grade. It's an award winning site that helps students develop math skills in a fun and interactive way. FunBrain was my favorite thing as a kid I got to do because it exercised my math skills without knowing it.

Ideas for Classroom
  • In my classroom, FunBrain is going to be considered an award every Friday. If the class or individual student is good you will be able to play games on FunBrain instead of doing math problems on a piece of paper.
  • It can also be a fun way to end the day in reading class because reading out of a book all day can be a lot for students.

(Mighty Guy was me and all my friends favorite game on FunBrain)

Tool Number 2: Arcademic Builder

Arcademic Builder is another education browser to help make learning fun! Academic Builder includes options to play games of almost all subjects. This website is aimed more towards students in grades kindergarten through sixth graders. Grand Prix Multiplication is an amazing game that lets children race by math problems, but not just students in the classroom. This game allows you to race against students all over the world.

Ideas for classroom
  • Another game in my classroom is another reward option for good behavior or good grades. When having an award to look forward to at the end of the week can help children be more motivated to complete the task of being a good student.
  • Also what an amazing part of Grand Prix Multiplication is racing against people across the world which can help students understand how good technology gas gotten.

Drill and Practice Software

" an instructional strategy that refers to small tasks such as the memorization of spelling and others"

Tool Number 1: Quizlet

Quizlet is a free study tool available to anybody. Quizlet can be used by people of all ages. It can be used in the classroom or outside of it and can also be shared with people especially your friends in the same class. Quizlet is just a website where you provide the information and the website provides the tools you need to study. You can chose from flashcards, matching, or even make your own test. Quizlet has helped me throughout my education years when studying and especially memorizing.

Ideas for Classroom
  • I will require kids to make a quizlet when trying to learn vocab words. This will keep them active and interested when having to learn vocal.
  • Also when adding to your quizlet each time vocal words are assigned you will be able to have the accessible to you at any time and do a practice test.

Tool Number 2: Flashcard Machine

Flashcard machine is a free website to create and share flashcards. This website is a main online study tool. Flashcards themselves are a great example of drill and practice itself. The software part is when it is an online typing them and then studying them over and over. Also you can create them and share the group of flashcards with colleagues and ever students.

Ideas for Classroom
  • A lot of skills are tying the be paperless and this can achieve that, but also be a great way to study
  • Also it can help me as a teacher by customizing pages for each of the classes you teach

Text to Speech Programs

Tool Number 1: PowerTalk

PowerTalk is free online program that will automatically speak any presentation that is running. All you have to do with this program is download it and run it and then pull up the application. This is a great software especially for kids with reading disabilities as well as people that have a disability.

Ideas for classroom
  • A child that has a reading disability this software will provide them something to fall back on when the teacher might be busy with another student. Their is only one teacher
  • This software in a classroom can help by the kids being able to do homework at home because it will be able to assist them

Tool Number 2: WordTalk

WordTalk is a software that speaks the text of the particular document and highlight as it goes. WordTalk contains a talking dictionary and a text-to-mp3 converter. This is another software that can help especially when in a special education classroom surrounded by students that have disabilities. Text to Speech can be very important in these in-particular classrooms.

Ideas for classroom
  • to help guide children with a reading disability
  • can practice in class to one use at home

Illustration Programs

Tool Number 1: Concept Draw

Concept Draw is a great software to have to help when creating and trying to understand the solar system or create any professional astronomy illustration. Science can't be understood without visual knowledge. This program can help when an unartistic person needs to illustrate to understand in a science class.

Ideas for classroom
  • When trying to understand science and have illustration I will allow kids to go to this website to develop illustrations

Tool Number 2: Do Ink

Do ink is a creative way to create animations on your I-Pad. This software is an easy way to create advanced animation with tools provided by Do Ink. This app has a green screen where you can add photos and videos already on your phone. Do ink helps you create a story in a unique way.

Ideas for classroom
  • Let kids do a group activity to help with social and creativity skills
  • As well as a reward in the classroom for motivation

Individual Education Plans

"document that is developed for each public school child who needs special education".

Tool Number 1: READ 180

READ 180 is a comprehensive reading intervention program developed to meet the needs of students that quality of reading is below normal. The main goal of READ 180 is to improve reading achievement. READ 180 is also known as the "Reading Failure Cycle."

Ideas in the classroom
  • Help me create plan to for students with lower reading averages
  • It could also be a fallback plan or a guide as a new teacher those are very important

Tool Number 2: Mangomon

Mangomon is an online program that focuses on giving the student individual attention. Mangomon has stories and gives example of what a good resource would look like and that refer to children with special needs. I would use this website for the stories as well as posting it on my teacher website as a resource for students to go back on. Students could go and reread the story or play the game and be practicing school work and having fun.

Ideas for classroom
  • Another reward but in reading class because this can be an educational, but fun website ( I know when I was a kid rewards motivated me more than anything.
  • One game a day to have something to look forward too


Tool number 1: The Tax Game

The Tax Game helps make real situations understandable for students. Students need to be aware of this distributive impact. The game almost interacts with the student by making them design their very own tax system.

Ideas for classroom
  • use when teaching older students because this is real life stuff everyone needs to know even if they have a disability
  • use it as a guide of a game even if I don't use this exact one

Tool number 2: Budget Explorer

The Budget Explorer was designed to help students know the actual facts of certain federal expenditures. This simulation helps students learn the correct percentages or amounts and learn how to back them up. This game also interacts with students but letting them create and understand how they got their budget.

Ideas for classroom
  • help students use real world knowledge and something its important to teach even if they have a disability
  • early you teach kids budgets the earlier and more money they save

productivity Software


Tool Number 1: Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most famous softwares. I grew up with it and have learned that it is the easy program to work with. Microsoft word includes all the basis to be included in the category of productivity software. The characteristic simple include word processing programs and graphic design programs.

Ideas for classroom
  • You can use this software for anything in the classroom like when disconnected fro the internet it works
  • Also if not using Google Docs this is another simple program that allows the students to send papers or any daily assignments to me

Tool Number 2: Google Docs

Google Docs is one accessible software connected through your email. It also involves almost everything that Microsoft does, but not quite all of it. Something when thinking about which one to pick especially in College when computers randomly crash or internet quits working, Google Docs saves all your work automatically.

Ideas for classroom
  • I think I will require my students to use Google Docs over Microsoft for certain assignments.
  • The excuse is then ruled out of I lost my paper and also if its shared with me I can make comments on their work to help them improve before turning in

Classroom Management

Tool Number 1: Canvas

Canvas includes amazing things when thinking about classroom management like learning objectives, speed grader, and mobile annotations. All you need is a device or computer with a microphone and the rest is done by Canvas. Automated tasks are big thing on Canvas and then you don't have to worry about receptive tasks.

Ideas for classroom
  • Help me as a reliable guide when getting overpowered with stuff
  • Students get their grades faster

Tool Number 2: School Brains

School Brains is a software that allows teachers and parents to view and analyze all student information in one place. This software is fast and gives data-driven decisions. Overall School Brains improves efficiency and student achievement.

Ideas for classroom
  • have as an option for parents to always have access to to keep up with student grades and what they could work on.
  • free demo to see if parents like it


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