A Splash of Color By: Marty Higgins

On Wednesday, September 26, PHS students stayed after school to compete against each other in decorating the walls for the Homecoming event. Freshmen through Seniors all compete for their hall to look the best.

Freshman Caleb Jones helps to add decor to the walls of the freshmen hallway.
The numerous decorations in the Freshman through Senior hallways line the walls, showing the students' creativity and spirit.
Students in the freshman hallway work at making decorations and additions to the Jaws themed hallway that they have brought to life.
The Juniors decorate their hallway to the theme of the Children of the Corn movie.
Students from multiple grades all come to work on each of the halls, doing their best to complete each one. Clockwise from top: freshmen Taylor Becht and Michael Hannon; seniors Emily Leone and Sierra Rodewig; juniors Erika Workman, Kyla Lee, Lexi Stroud and Isabelle Goff; sophomores Maggie Vincent and Greenlei Campbell and third grader Kalyn Hannon
The sophomore hallway kicks off with their Children of the Corn theme.

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