The Miracle at West Macon Park

The sound of jubilant laughter and cheer is heard all throughout West Macon Park. The facility that holds two sets of bleachers, an announcer's pavilion, two dugouts, a concession stand, bathrooms, and above all else the smiles of children playing baseball.

I found Miracle League, a site where children with special needs can play baseball, the spring of my freshman year. This great discovery could not have come at a better time. I had just had surgery on my shoulder, and I was seeking a place to spend my off time. This place I found was more than a baseball field, it has become a home.

Miracle League has two different leagues that I have had the pleasure and joy to serve. The competitive league is on weekday nights. In this league, score is kept along with outs. During this league, I am the announcer and the DJ. I love to see the smile on the kids faces as their favorite song is played as they hit. On Saturday mornings, I help out with the Buddy League. In this league, I help with the music and with concessions. I have met a very special person helping out in this league. His name is Ben Marsh. He is the announcer for this latter league because he plays in the competitive league. He can be heard asking baseball trivia, or just encouraging the other kids as they are batting.

Ben's voice can be heard echoing throughout the facility as he says through the microphone as the player is headed home, "He'ssssss safe!!" This one sentence brings so much joy to not only the child, but also to the fans and the coaches!

As child after child gets to bat, their joy is contagious when they get a hit! This joy that they express has taught me so many things. It has taught me to have joy in everything that I do. I so often take for granted everyday normalities. Miracle League has taught me to no longer take these things for granted, but above all else to have joy.

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