Large Motor Skills Emmie, MEg, and morgan

1-2 months Motor Skills

  • maintains fetal posture
  • Generalized movement
  • Hands are fist like and they dont reach for things as much
  • They focus largely on reflex level


  • Do baby sit-ups
  • Play follow the leader
  • Encourage kicking and movement

3-6 months Motor Skills

  • Suck thumb (hand to mouth)
  • Grasp things
  • Wave arms
  • Feel objects
  • Pull themselves to sitting position


  • make some noise, shake a noisy toy, try to get them to reach for it
  • let them squirm
  • sit up (put them in a C-shape pillow, encourage them to stay up)

7-11 Months Motor Skills

  • crawling
  • Hand-eye coordination improves
  • Reaches with one hand
  • Thumb and index finger together to pick up things
  • Pulls self to standing
  • Throw toys


  • try to get them to throw toys
  • use a sit to stand learning walker toy
  • have them crawl from one place to another

One year Motor Skills

  • controls arms, legs, and hands to do what it desires
  • walks with feet apart, takes short, flat footed steps
  • has great fun pulling, lifting, dragging, pushing, likes to throw things and knock things down
  • climbs on, under, over, and through things


  • little drummers (make music using percussion instruments)
  • playing house
  • go get game (send child on different errands, asking them to get shoes or a blanket)

Two year Motor Skills

  • Needs toys for large muscles
  • likes to paint and color by making large strokes
  • piles and stacks blocks


  • dress up time (have them dress up dolls in several outfits)
  • all aboard (pull your child around the room and pretend to stop at different places) -balance
  • ball pass

Three year Motor Skills

  • RIdes trike using pedals
  • can poor from a pitcher
  • likes to move around, and scoop up sand


  • encourge them to jump
  • have them walk like an animal
  • have them roll a ball at a target

Four year Motor Skills

  • Can skip with alternating feet
  • catches ball with ebows in front of body
  • throws ball over head
  • likes to dance


  • play catch with them
  • play hopscotch
  • have them throw newspaper at a sticky spider web

Five year Motor Skills

  • can jump rope
  • can descend ladder with alternating feet
  • can throw a ball
  • can descend long stairways by themselves


  • have them do frisbee toss
  • bean bag toss
  • jump and grab


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