Level OF Government By Cole KErsahw

Federal/National Government

The Federal government makes law and bills for the country and you have to fallow them. they also defend our nation.

State government

the state government takes care of their state by repairing roads and using tax money to pay for more education.

Utah’s Chaffetz backs off on plan to sell off ‘excess’ public lands

Chaffetz stops himself from selling land to the public because he a proud of being a hunter and others love to hunt on the land as well. so he did not sell the land to Utah.

Utah was trying to buy 3.3 million archers of land from Chaffetz so they could turn it into public land. Chaffezt was going to sing over the land but he didn't and i think he did the right thing. in the article it says that he did not sell it because it was his land and he was a proud hunter.


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