Recording Wind & Bones At the Barn Studio on Hornby Island

Wind and Bones was recorded in the winter of 2016/17 at The Barn Studio on Hornby Island, BC. The studio is run by Marc Atkinson who also features prominently on the recording.

Me with Marc at the computer doing some mixing of songs.

The album features 11 original songs and one traditional song. They tell stories, some about me and my perspective on personal things but many that are about people and places in history. Ballads.

Lyrics to the tragic "Lost Patrol" song taped to the baffles as reference

Marc Atkinson played numerous instruments to support and accompany my rhythm guitar parts. Having a multi-instrumentalist like him on board was a real bonus.

Marc on mandolin

The video is a short clip of Marc playing mandolin on the song "Towboat Man"

Playing banjo with cool footware is a must

I used several guitars on the album which included three different Martins and an old Gibson 12-string.

Kim June Johnson singing harmony vocals
Thanks to local photographer, John Struthers for taking the cover photo.
Wrapping up.
Created By
John McLachlan


Photos by John McLachlan

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