Supernatural at Clemson AU setting of Supernatural By Morgan McGrath

Out of all the places Sammy thought he, Dean, and Castiel would hunt a college in South Carolina? Yet here they are at Clemson where demons, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and all kinds of monsters roam. He also didn't expect to meet me, one of their biggest fans and amateur hunter, on their first day. Now I'm their 4th member and of course his girlfriend. I'm getting ahead of myself though. It all started in my first semester here at Clemson. I was in Schlitter eating when they walk in. I hear Dean humming Eye of the Tiger, "Do you have to do that Dean, just because we're the tigers doesn't mean you have to hum that song," Sam said. "Yeah it does!" Dean said. Cas chimmed in with "that female teen is laughing at us." Oops I'm caught, oh well. They come over and I tell them I know why they're here. See while this is the first time meeting Castiel I've known Sam and Dean since birth because I'm Bobby's daughter. Castiel says he's happy to meet me and I automatically love the angel.

Sammy didn't expect to see me.

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