Balancing Work and School By Kahleia Corpuz

Before Her Shift

The Morning Struggle

Corpuz tries to finish homework before work. She woke up early to try to finish it, so she won't have a lot of homework assignments to send in Sunday night.

During Her Shift

Caffeinated Corpuz

During her shift, Corpuz drinks a multitude of caffeinated drinks. She may not have been able to finish all of her homework in the morning, but she thought she would try after her shift too.

After Her Shift

Keeping Up with Deadlines

Corpuz attempts to finish her homework before the creeping deadline. She stayed up a little later than usual since most of her assignments are due on Sunday 11:59 P.M.

The Day After

Monday Morning

Despite how tired she is, Corpuz sits in her first period class. The weekly cycle of work and school continued without a break in sight.