SILO Auto Club & Conservancy An Inside look

It's officially Spring! We've had more sunshine this week, which has been a welcome treat! School is out of session for Spring Break, and people are out and about with activities and trips! I recently took a trip to downtown Indianapolis to tour and photograph Indianapolis' premier auto enthusiast social gathering and storage space, SILO Auto Club & Conservancy! They just kicked off the Spring season with Cars & Coffee this past weekend and had a fantastic turn out. Reggie took the boys to see the many cool automobiles, everything from German cars, like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes to classics, exotics, muscle cars, and more! If you haven't been to see this amazing venue yet, take a peek below, and then schedule a time to check it out for yourself!

SILO makes quite a statement upon arrival and as guests enter their doors! The design is sleek, clean, and modern, speaking volumes to the level of care its members and cars receive. Every detail and piece of art is well thought out and intentional. SILO's Founder, Mike Simmons, as well as the rest of his team, all share a true passion for cars. It's no wonder that together they've created such a one of a kind retreat and safe haven centered on what drives them, literally and figuratively speaking.

Abundant sunshine streams into the Reception area.

SILO Auto Club & Conservancy offers a variety of services and amenities to its members, including 24/7 security, temperature controlled environment, detailing and concierge services and more. See the complete details on their website.

What a delight it was to photograph so many amazing automobiles in this space! While the lighting was bright in these photos, they have the option to make the ambiance cater to whatever kind of event they may be hosting! Speaking of events, did you know that special events can be hosted at SILO? If you're in need of a well-appointed, unique space for your next business meeting, corporate event, auto club meeting, or wedding reception, they'll happily help to make the event an amazing experience for you and your guests! (Please note that this is not a paid advertisement, I'm genuinely sharing a cool venue that caters toward anyone who loves cars!)

Ok, ok, so I may have gone a bit overboard on the number of photos I took while visiting SILO! However, as a photographer, when the light is just right, when you have an amazing subject (or several, in this case!), it's hard to retain self-control! SILO can store over 100 cars in their pristine space!

This eye-catching Acura was featured in the Gallery on the day of my visit.
Mater is always a crowd-favorite!

After photographing the storage space, I made my way through the Reception area and into the well-appointed Lounge. Again, you're met with sleek and inviting design cues with several seating areas, a pool table, full-service bar, auto decor, and more.

Shift gears and unwind in the Lounge, including a full-service bar.
Members can also enjoy a view of the stored vehicles from a wall of windows, giving the space an open feel.
Enjoy a little friendly competition with a game of pool or High-Speed pinball in the Lounge!

More cool cars!

To the team at SILO, thank you so much for your hospitality! I can't wait to come back again!

To learn more about the services offered by this unique venue in Indianapolis, please visit their website. Call 317-220-8373 to schedule a tour and to ask any questions about storage needs for your prized German car, or other favorite vehicle on two wheels, four, or more, for that matter! SILO Auto Club & Conservancy is located at 644 E. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

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