Marco Polo 1271-1295

Marco Polo's life:Marco polo was born in 1254. But it was not sure what date he was born on. Polo was born in Venice Italy. But in 1255 polo's mother Aunt and Uncle raised him because his father was in Asia. In 1271 when polo was 17 his father and uncle came back to bring Marco to Asia. They went there because to sell thing because they were merchants. They faced many obstacles like when they went to Iraq and Iran bandits attacked them also freezing mountains and hot deserts. They even had to walk on land and not sail and the last obstacle they faced they had to stay in Afghanistan for year because Polo was sick. The Accomplishments Polo had is his own type of sheep named the Marco Polo sheep. Also his father was friends with emperor. And he became the emperor ambassador. The location Polo kinda found was the half way on sea to Asia also he was one of the first Europeans to explore the far east. Additional information is that he married a girl name Donata and had three daughters. Also he died on January 8,1324 he lived to be 69 years old.

This is Marco Polo

Character Traits: Polo's character traits are that he curious and able to make decisions because he wanted to learn how people in Asia lived there lives and he to know what Asia looks likes. He was able to make decisions because he said that he would take the Mongol princess to Arghun Khan. And lastly he sail home even though there was a war and he was put in to jail.

Fun Fact: While Polo was on his trip back to Italy he got in jail. When Polo was in jail he meet someone who writes book. And they made Marco Polo's book. When his Aunt and Uncle raised him they trained him to be merchant. Polo got to take a Mongol princess to a guy named Arghun Khan of Persia to be his bride. When Polo came back he went back working in the trading business.


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