To capture the 16-34 demographic


  • To deliver content through videos, podcasts and a youtube channel.
  • Create a new platform showcasing short videos
  • have a more personable approach to news, be relatable.
  • making news more accessible and understood; ie making a video explaining terminology
  • including social content such as local events happening 'now' - like on snapchat stories.
  • this will enable interaction with audiences through asking questions and inviting conversation - with the audience


  • launch through a competition - ie branding
  • invite an online personality to launch the competition
  • create a brand & launch youtube channel
  • have experience/established blogger to help carry the launch through
  • from this we will expand to live streaming and trends.
  • instagram account - tied in with events (pop ups)
  • snapchat stories - filters
  • using hashtags to generate interest.


  • the way of delivering live stream etc is brand new for CN and will engage a new age group.
  • new channels of communication
  • new for Cumbria


  • it will become part of peoples lifestyle
  • part of daily schedule
  • interesting topics to age group
  • will have appeal outside of cumbria


  • initial spends on digital launch,online personality and possibly promotion in carlisle living
  • sponsored content - sponsored posts
  • cash from events (ticket sales and sponsors)


  • Expand the social media tea
  • Use of current a journalist
  • Use of Mad Dog Team
  • Work with universities and students
  • Use events team, graduates, freelancers'This is already working in other areas!!!'
  • 'This is already working in other areas!!!'


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